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Drive modes

Drive modes affect the vehicle's driving characteristics in different ways to enhance and simplify the driving experience in certain types of situations.

Drive modes enable easy access to the vehicle's many functions and settings in different driving situations. Each drive mode is adapted to help optimize driving characteristics.

  • Steering
  • Engine/transmission/all-wheel drive
  • Brakes
  • Instrument panel
  • Climate control settings

Select the drive mode that is adapted to the current driving conditions. Keep in mind that not all drive modes are available in all situations.

Available drive modes


Please be aware that there is no sound from the engine when the vehicle is being powered on electricity and it may be difficult to detect by children, pedestrians, cyclists and animals. This is particularly true at low speeds, e.g. in parking lots.


Do not leave the vehicle in an unventilated area with a drive mode activated and the combustion engine switched off. The engine will start automatically if the charge level in the hybrid battery is low and the resulting exhaust gases can be very harmful to people and animals.


  • This is the vehicle's normal mode when the two electric motors and the combustion engine are working together.

The vehicle starts in Hybrid mode. The control system uses both the electric motor and the gasoline engine – separately or in tandem – and adapts utilization with regard to performance, fuel consumption and comfort. Driving capacity on the electric motors alone is determined by factors such as the hybrid batteries' charge level, the need for heating or cooling in the passenger compartment, etc.

With a well-charged hybrid battery, it is possible to drive solely on electric power. When the accelerator pedal is pressed, only the electric motors will be activated until the batteries reach a certain charge level. Above this level, the current in the battery cannot supply the power requested by the accelerator pedal and the combustion engine will start.

When the hybrid battery's charge level is low, the combustion engine will start more frequently to save the remaining current in the battery. Rapid-charge the vehicle1 or charge the hybrid battery from a 120-240 V outlet using the charging cable. Alternatively, activate Charge in Function view to restore the ability to drive using only electric propulsion.

This drive mode is designed for low energy consumption with a mix between the electric motor and gasoline engine, without compromising on climate comfort or driving experience. When faster acceleration is requested by the driver, the electric driveline will be utilized to help provide maximum additional power.

The vehicle also monitors the driving conditions and automatically engages all-wheel drive if necessary. All-wheel drive and extra electric power are always available regardless of the battery's charging status.

Information in the instrument panel

When driving in Hybrid mode, a hybrid gauge will be displayed in the instrument panel. The gauge will indicate the amount of electrical current required when the driver depresses the accelerator pedal. The marker between the lightning and the drop shows how much current is available.

PS-1926-ALL hybrid-Hybrid meter engine running change values
The instrument panel gauge when both the electric motor and the combustion engine are being used.
PS-1926-Battery, electric engine charging symbol

The instrument panel also shows how much current is being restored to the battery (regenerated) during light braking.


  • Uses the electric motors only, with the lowest possible energy consumption and lowest possible carbon dioxide emissions.

This drive mode is fully electric and the vehicle is propelled using the rear-axle electric motors, which means that the vehicle is rear-wheel driven.

This drive mode may be unavailable

  • if the vehicle's speed goes above 160 km/h (100 mph)
  • if the hybrid battery charge level is too low
  • if factors such as cold weather affect the system or components.

Pure mode is adapted for the longest possible driving distance with electric propulsion and is primarily intended for use in city driving. This drive mode does not offer four-wheel drive. This can cause some limitations in poor road conditions or cold weather.

Constant AWD

  • Improves the vehicle's traction and handling by increasing all-wheel drive.

This drive mode locks the vehicle in all-wheel drive. An adapted distribution between front and rear axle torque provides effective control, stability and traction, e.g. on slippery roads or when towing another vehicle. The Constant AWD drive mode is always available regardless of the hybrid battery's charge status.

Both the combustion engine and the electric motors are engaged to enable all-wheel drive, which results in higher fuel consumption.

In drive modes other than Pure mode, the vehicle automatically adapts the need for all-wheel drive according to the road surface, and can activate the electric motors or start the gasoline engine as needed.


  • The vehicle gets sportier driving characteristics and a faster acceleration response.

This drive mode adapts the combined power from the combustion engine and the electric motors by providing power to both the front and rear wheels. Gear shifting will be faster and more distinct and the transmission will prioritize gears with a higher traction force.

Both the combustion engine and the electric motors are engaged to enable all-wheel drive, which results in higher fuel consumption.

This drive mode is adapted for optimal performance and response during acceleration. It changes the throttle response, gear shifting program and turbo boost system. Brake response is also adapted. The Power drive mode is always available regardless of the hybrid battery's charge status.


  • Customizes drive mode to personal preferences.

Select one of the drive modes as a basis and adjust the settings to achieve your preferred driving characteristics. These settings will be stored in your driver profile.

Individual drive mode is only available if it has been activated in the center display.

PS-1926-Individual drive mode settings
Settings view for Individual drive mode.
Tap Settings in the Top view.
Tap My CarIndividual Drive Mode and select Individual Drive Mode.

Under Presets, select one of the following drive modes as a basis: Pure, Hybrid or Power.

The following settings can be modified:

  • Driver Display
  • Steering Force
  • Powertrain Characteristics

Using the electric or combustion engine

An advanced control system determines the distance that the vehicle can be driven on the combustion engine, electric motors, or all three at the same time.

Its primary function is to use the motor/engine and the current available in the hybrid battery as efficiently as possible based on the characteristics of the various drive modes and the power output requested by the driver by pressing the accelerator pedal.

In certain cases, temporary limitations in the system or mandatory functions to help maintain a low overall emissions level may result in greater use of the combustion engine.

  1. 1 Rapid charging is carried out using direct current at special CCS (Combined Charging System) stations