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Hold and Charge functions

In certain situations, it can be useful to control the hybrid battery's charge level while driving. This is possible with the Hold and Charge functions.

Hold and Charge are available in all drive modes. The functions will switch off if Pure drive mode is activated.

Function buttons for Hold and Charge

The functions can be activated in the center display's Function view.


PS-1926-Hold button in centerdisplay

Battery level sustained for later use.

This function retains the charge in the hybrid battery for the electric motor and saves available electrical current for use at a later time, such as when driving in an urban area or residential neighborhood.

The vehicle will function as in normal hybrid driving with a discharged battery - in addition to reusing energy from e.g. regenerative braking, the combustion engine will be used more frequently to maintain the charge in the battery.


PS-1926-Charge button in centerdisplay

Engine charges hybrid battery.

This function charges the hybrid battery with the help of the combustion engine for increased use of the electric motor at a later time.

Symbols in the instrument panel

PS-1926-Drivemode SAVE lock
The PS-Icon-Hybrid battery indicator lock symbol is displayed in the hybrid battery gauge when Hold is activated.
PS-1926-Charge symbol in battery gauge
The PS-Icon-Charge bolt symbol is displayed in the hybrid battery gauge when Charge is activated.