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General information about hybrid operation

Hybrid vehicles are driven just like any other vehicle, but certain functions differ from a vehicle powered exclusively by gasoline. The electric motors power the vehicle primarily at low speeds; the gasoline engine is used at higher speeds or during more active driving.

The instrument panel displays information specific to hybrid operation – charging information, selected drive mode, distance to discharged battery and charge level of the hybrid batteries.

Different drive modes can be selected while driving, e.g. electric power only or, if more power is needed, a combination of electric and combustion power. The vehicle calculates a combination of driveability, driving experience, environmental impact and fuel economy for the selected drive mode.

In order to function optimally, the hybrid batteries (and their electrical drive systems) and the gasoline engine (and its drive systems) must be at the correct operating temperature. Battery capacity can be considerably reduced if the batteries are too cold or too hot. Preconditioning prepares the vehicle's drive systems and passenger compartment before driving to help reduce both wear and energy consumption. The range for the hybrid batteries increases.

The hybrid batteries, which drive the electric motor, are charged via a charging cable but can also be charged by gentle braking and engine braking in gear selector position B. The combustion engine can also help recharge the hybrid batteries.



Charging the vehicle can affect the function of an implanted pacemaker or other medical equipment. People with an implanted pacemaker are recommended to consult a doctor before charging the first time.

No electrical current

Keep in mind that if there is no electrical current to the vehicle, i.e. the ignition is switched off or the start battery is discharged, certain important functions such as power brakes, power steering, etc. will be limited.


The power brakes only work when the vehicle is switched on.

Towing not permitted

Never tow a hybrid vehicle behind another vehicle, as this could damage the electric motors.

Exterior motor noise


Please be aware that there is no sound from the engine when the vehicle is being powered by the electric motors and it may be difficult to detect by children, pedestrians, cyclists and animals. This is especially true at low speeds.

High-voltage electrical current

PS-1926-Symbol Elecric warning


A number of electrical components in the vehicle use high-voltage current and can be extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly. These components and any orange wiring in the vehicle may only be handled by trained and qualified Polestar service technicians.

Do not touch anything that is not clearly described in the Manual.