Polestar 2

The advanced electric fastback

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Polestar 1

The electric performance hybrid

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Polestar production in America

Our aerodynamic, all-electric SUV will be produced in Polestar’s newest home market: the United States.

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100% electric

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Try the Polestar 2 for yourself

We can tell you everything about its features. We can highlight its design from every angle. But nothing beats experiencing the Polestar 2 for yourself.

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33 cities. 5 months. Experience the Polestar 2 for yourself. We can tell you everything about its features but a drive is worth a thousand words. Follow along and join us! #2onTour

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Making waves

Join robotics engineer and musician Moritz Simon Geist as he creates music by extracting electric sound waves hidden deep in the Polestar 2.

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All you need is your phone

The Polestar app is here, turning your phone into the key to unlocking and starting your Polestar 2. This beta version, available for both iOS and Android, includes the Digital Key, climate activation and battery level monitoring. 

That's no more physical keys and no risk you'll forget them. Just remember to charge your phone.

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Polestar 2 Life Cycle Assessment 2021

Last year we published the lifetime carbon footprint of the launch edition of Polestar 2, along with the entire methodology we used. This year's LCA report covers the new Polestar 2 variants (Long range Single motor and Standard range Single motor). We're fully transparent about all emissions from cradle to grave, so you can make an informed choice.

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Polestar Design Contest

The Polestar Design Contest is where designers come together to present their interpretations of the near future of sustainable mobility. And this year's version has officially started.

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About us

We are an electric performance car brand, determined to improve the society we live in.

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This is Polestar

Polestar is an electric performance car brand unlike any other. We innovate to drive progress and create a better future, a future that is sustainable and strikingly beautiful. We share technology and engineering expertise with the Volvo Car Group, yet we go our own way.

We say “Goodbye Normal”.


Polestar has a new take on automotive retail. Centrally located, staffed with product specialists, and echoing the design language of everything Polestar, our spaces put the cars at the center of the experience - where they should be.

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