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Drive systems

Polestar combines a gasoline engine for the front wheels and two electric motors for the rear wheels.

Two drive systems

Depending on the selected drive mode and power available in the electric motors, the drive systems can either be used separately or in tandem.

The electric motors are supplied current from the hybrid batteries. One is located in the tunnel console and the other behind the rear seat in the trunk. The hybrid batteries can be charged from wall outlets or at a special charging station. The gasoline engine can also charge the hybrid batteries using a special high-voltage generator.

Both the gasoline engine and the electric motors can generate power directly to the wheels. An advanced control system coordinates both the drive systems to help optimize driving economy.

PS-1926-Hybrid drive system
  1. PS-Icon circle 1Hybrid batteries – The vehicle is equipped with two hybrid batteries. The function of the hybrid batteries is to store energy. This energy is provided by plugging the charging cable into an electrical outlet, through regenerative braking or from the high-voltage generator. The batteries provide energy for electric propulsion and e.g. preconditioning.
  2. PS-Icon circle 2Gasoline engine - The gasoline engine starts when the charge level in the hybrid batteries is too low to provide the power output requested by the driver.
  3. PS-Icon circle 3High-voltage generator1 – The high-voltage generator charges the high-voltage batteries. It also functions as a starter motor for the gasoline engine. Can provide the combustion engine with extra electrical current.
  4. PS-Icon circle 4Electric motors – The vehicle is equipped with two electric motors that power the vehicle in electric mode. They provide extra torque and power during acceleration as well as electric four-wheel drive functionality. The electric motors provide adapted power to each rear wheel for extra stability2, for example when cornering. They regenerate braking energy into electrical current.
  1. 1 CISG (Crank Integrated Starter Generator) – combined high-voltage generator and starter.
  2. 2 Torque vectoring.