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Recommendations for long-term storage

To help minimize degradation of the hybrid batteries if the vehicle is not driven for a prolonged period (longer than 1 month), the hybrid battery charge level should be kept at approx. 25% according to the gauge in the instrument panel.
Do as follows:
PS-1926-State of Charging in the driver display
If the hybrid battery charge level is high, drive the vehicle until the charge level is approximately 25%. If the charge level is low, charge the batteries until the level reaches approximately 25%.
If the vehicle is not driven for more than 6 months or the charge level of the hybrid batteries is noticeably below the 25% mark, charge the batteries to about 25% to help compensate for the natural battery discharge that occurs in long-term storage. Regularly check the charge level using the gauge in the instrument display.


Store the vehicle in as cool a location as possible to minimize batteries aging during long-term storage. In the summer, park the vehicle indoors or in a shady location, whichever is cooler.

The recommended tire inflation pressure during long-term storage is 330 kPA (48 PSI). Check the inflation pressure of the tires and adjust to the correct pressure, which can be found on the vehicle's tire information decal or certification label.