Two years of the 2

It’s been two years. Two years since the world learned that electric cars could be premium, sustainable, and high performance, without compromising on design. Two years since the reveal of the first car in the world to feature an Android Automotive infotainment system. Two years since premium was redefined with vegan upholstery and reconstructed wood. And to call those two years eventful would be an understatement.

Side view of a white Polestar 2 in front of a wall with a large number two on it.

February 27, 2019

The Polestar 2 was revealed online.

March 2019

We took the Polestar 2 to the Geneva motor show.

May 2019

We took the Polestar 2 to Google I/O to meet the developers and let them have a first-hand look at the infotainment system.

June 2019

The verification prototype vehicles were being tested at the Hällered Proving Ground .

October 2019

We went to Frankfurt to show the Polestar 2 to the attendees of the IAA as part of our “2 on Tour” roadshow.

March 2020

Polestar 2 met the press and production started.

April 2020

Polestar 2 was crash tested.

June 2020

The first shipment of Polestar 2 customer cars arrived at the Zeebrugge port.

July 2020

The first Polestar 2 was delivered to our very first customer in Sweden.

September 2020

We revealed the Polestar 2 LCA report and organised a global press launch safely during the pandemic.

October 2020

Polestar 2 won German Luxury Car of the Year.

November 2020

Polestar 2 won the Golden Steering Wheel and appeared in first its music video.

December 2020

Polestar 2 became Norway and Switzerland’s Car of the Year.

January 2021

Polestar 2 won the Insider 2020 Car of the Year.

February 2021

Polestar 2 won the Edie Sustainability innovation award .

In the two short years since Polestar 2 was revealed, our fully electric fastback has had a remarkable impact. And this is only the beginning.


Beyond the Road: Emma Olbers

We are back with yet another episode of Beyond the Road, a content series where we highlight Polestar owners’ stories from all over the world. This time, we had the privilege of stepping into award-winning designer Emma Olbers’ studio to talk about creativity, sustainability, and the future of design.