One Charge Challenge: Denver, Colorado

In this first edition of the One Charge Challenge, we will be exploring Denver and the Rocky Mountains to see just how much we can get done on one charge. With a high elevation and steep winding roads, we know we have to plan our route carefully to maximise the experience.

Side view of Polestar 3 in the desert

Scorching deserts and humid cities - pushing Polestar 3 to the limit

Hot weather testing is one of the toughest moments in any cars’ development lifecycle. For the Polestar 3, we chose the UAE’s scorching deserts and humid cities to push the car to its limits.

Front facing Polestar 4 in the dark.

Navigating the future: autonomous driving pleasure

In the ever-evolving world of transportation tech, let's cast our gaze beyond the here and now. As developments within self-driving cars are steadily moving forward you can’t help but think: will they outshine the sheer joy of driving ourselves? As an electric performance brand that makes driver’s cars, what does the advent of autonomous technology mean for us?