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Adjusting the lumbar support in the front seat

The lumbar support is adjusted using a control on the side of the seat cushion.
PS2- 20w07- Multifunction front seat
Four-way button that controls the car's four-way lumbar support.

The lumbar support can be adjusted forward/backward and up/down. The four-way button is located at the side of the seat part of the seat.

Adjusting the lumbar support

PS2- 20w07- Multifunction front seat-functions
  • Press the four-way button up PS-Icon circle 1/down PS-Icon circle 3 to move the lumbar support upwards/downwards.
  • Press the front section PS-Icon circle 4 of the four-way button to increase lumbar support.
  • Press the rear section PS-Icon circle 2 of the four-way button to decrease lumbar support.