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Front seat

Front seat

The seat has a range of adjustment options to increase your comfort.

Power front seat

The car's front seats have a range of setting options in order to enhance comfort. The power seat can be moved forwards/backwards and upwards/downwards. The front edge of the seat cushion can be raised/lowered as well as adjusted in length and the backrest inclination can be changed. The lumbar support can be adjusted upward/downward/forward/backward.

Adjusting the power front seat

Set to desired sitting position using the control on the front seat's seating section. Use the different controls to set the various comfort functions.

Multifunctional front seat function overview

Enhance the seating comfort using the multi-function control.

Adjusting the length of the seat cushion in the front seat

The length of the seat cushion can be adjusted using the handle on the front of the seat.

Adjusting the lumbar support in the front seat

The lumbar support is adjusted using a control on the side of the seat cushion.

  • Climate controls for front seat

  • Memory function for front seat