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Managing phone calls

It is possible to make and receive calls when the phone is connected to the car via Bluetooth. The phone must be connected as phone device.

Making a call from the phone app

Open the phone app from the home view or app view PS2_2007_App view symbol.
Choose a contact from Recents or Contacts. Alternatively, enter a telephone number using the keypad.
Tap on the contact to make a call.
Tap on End call or PS2-2007-Finish phone call symbol to end the call.

You can also make calls using voice control.

Receiving a call

Incoming phone calls are shown and managed via the centre display.

Tap on Answer/Decline.
Tap on PS2-2007-Finish phone call symbol to end the call.

Receiving a new call during a current call

PS2-2007-Switch between phone call icon

If a new call comes in during a current call, the new call can be answered via the centre display. The original call is parked when the new call is answered. Switch between the calls by tapping on the symbols that represent them.

Missed calls

Missed calls are shown in the home view where it is also possible to call back. Missed calls are also shown in the notification view at the top of the centre display.

Switching off the microphone

Tap on Mute to switch off the microphone. The person on the call will not hear what is being said in the car.

Toggling between car and phone speakers

Tap on CarPhone to toggle the sound between the speakers in the car and the phone speaker.

Using the keypad during a current call

PS2-2007-Dial pad icon

If the keypad needs to be used during a current call, it can be opened by tapping on its symbol in the centre display. To exit the keypad view and return to call view, tap on the same symbol again.