Conscious styling

The interior of the Polestar 2 has a unique look that comes from our deliberately different design approach. Our designers carefully chose and combined novel materials in order to achieve a considered balance of technical advancement and minimalistic aesthetics. We also rethought the production process from scratch, making conscious choices that minimise waste and lower environmental impact.

Reconstructed wood deco

The traditional way of producing the birch veneer used in car interiors keeps only perfect-looking wood, and discards the offcuts. Our unique production process makes much better use of the raw materials by reconstructing and reusing the irregular waste wood. The result is a uniform veneer with a clean, linear look that perfectly complements the Polestar 2’s upholstery. This non-traditional way of repurposing conventional materials creates an interesting contrast you can feel in every detail of the interior design.

Black ash deco

Most car interiors rely on optical shifts in colour to add beauty to the perfectly uniform grain of the veneer. The black ash deco in the Polestar 2 makes a feature of the wood’s physical structure instead. We use a black wood stain to highlight irregularities in the grain and achieve a unique, textured look. This technique means we can use more of the available veneer, and reduce waste.

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