Seat-activated start

No need to use a key or a start button. Touch the door handle to unlock the car and sit down to start it. Polestar 2 detects the presence of an authorized key fob or a smartphone with an active digital key, allowing entry and activating the powertrain via a sensor in the driver’s seat.

Digital key is available with the Plus pack.

Driver profiles

Polestar 2 can automatically store preferred settings for up to six drivers, linking the information to the signal from the key fob or the Polestar app. Upon detection, the in-car software recognizes the driver profile and loads the matching seat position, mirror adjustments, steering feel, and one-pedal drive settings. It will also bring up favorite apps and playlists. 

Rear storage

407 liters (14.4 ft³) with the seats up, 1,097 liters (38.7 ft³) with the seats down. Polestar 2 has a sizeable rear luggage compartment with a roof-hinged tailgate for easy access. It has room for everything from weekend bags to a surfboard and comes with convenient under-floor storage. 


The rear luggage compartment can hold a wide range of items and the roof-hinged tailgate provides easy access.
Polestar 2 with the tailgate open

Power-operated tailgate with foot sensor

A simple kicking motion under the bumper opens or closes the tailgate. The movement is detected by a three-foot-long sensor, enabling quick access and easier loading and unloading. 
Available with the Plus pack. 

Grocery bag holder in the rear luggage compartment

Grocery bag holder

Prevent shopping bags and other loose items from moving around in the rear luggage compartment. The foldable "lid in lid" bag holder secures them so they stay in place. 
Available with the Plus pack. 

Front storage

The front luggage compartment provides 33 liters (1.4 ft³) of additional storage space. It also contains the vehicle's towing eyelet and tool kit, allowing for quick access even if the rear luggage compartment is full. 

Front luggage compartment in Polestar 2
Close up on a Polestar 2 towbar

Semi-electric towbar

All Polestar 2 powertrains produce enough torque to tow up to 2,000 lbs. The semi-electric fold-away towbar comes with a Trailer Stability Assist function that helps stabilize the car if a connected trailer starts to sway.
Available as an upgrade. 


The interior of Polestar 2 prioritizes the essential, pairing progressive design with practical elements to fuse form and function. 

Showing close-up of wireless charger in Polestar 2

Wireless charging

Charge up without plugging in. The front storage compartment includes a wireless inductive charger that's compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones.  

Armrests and cup holders

Polestar 2's front armrest can slide backwards to access the front cup holder. When lifted, it allows the use of the rear cup holder. There are two more cup holders in the back of the car, mounted in the flip-down center armrest of the rear seats. 

Close-up on the large door pockets with integrated bottle holders

Interior storage

Multiple storage solutions are placed throughout the interior, including large door pockets with integrated bottle holders, pockets on either side of the center console, and the glove compartment.  

Showing the Polestar app on smartphone with battery capacity

Polestar app

Connect with the car. The Polestar 2 app can be used to activate the climate system, set the climate timers, check battery status, and lock and unlock the doors. When the digital key hardware is fitted, Polestar 2 will sense the app on an authorized smartphone and automatically load the driver’s settings for seats, steering feel, and one-pedal drive. It’ll also allow the car to be started.

Digital key is available with the Plus pack.

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