Range and charging

Range figures

Polestar 2 provides two powertrain options, each with an upgraded battery to get even more miles out of a charge. The right driving and charging behavior can further increase the car's real life range.

Long range Dual motor¹  
Long range Single motor¹  

Charging speed

Polestar 2 works with AC charging points up to 11 kW and DC charging points up to 205 kW. Install an AC Wallbox for effortless charging at home and find plenty of suitable charging stations on the road.

Long range Single motor - up to 205 kW DC, from 10 to 80%¹  
Long range Single motor - 11 kW AC, from 0 to 100%¹  
Dual motor versions - up to 155 kW DC, from 10 to 80%¹  
Dual motor versions - 11 kW AC, from 0 to 100%¹  

Save time by charging to 80%

On a long trip, it's actually faster to stop twice and recharge up to 80% than to stop once and charge to 100%. This is due to the fact that the final 20% capacity of a lithium-ion battery charges at a much slower rate. 

Battery-minded route planning

Because Polestar 2 comes with Google² built-in, the in-car version of Google maps can communicate with the car's systems to check the battery status. It will calculate and suggest a route accordingly, including convenient charging options along the way. 

Charging network

Going electric just got easier. Simply enter your destination, or ask Google to ‘navigate to the nearest charging station' — and if necessary, charging stops will be added to your route.

More about public charging

Extending the range

Polestar 2 has been engineered for optimal energy efficiency, allowing the driver to extract even more miles from the battery. These features help extend the car's real-life range. 

Showing energy-saving heat pump.

Energy-saving heat pump

Waste heat doesn't have to be wasted. Using thermal energy from the electric motors, battery, and ambient air, the heat pump warms up the passenger compartment and helps get more miles out of a charge. 

Available with the Plus pack. 

Close-up on the Polestar wheel.

Regenerative braking

Recharge while slowing down. Instead of turning useful energy into useless heat, the regenerative braking system of Polestar 2 converts it back into power that can be used to extend the car's range.

Smartphone showing the Polestar app with battery capacity.

Pre-entry climate control

Preheating or pre-cooling Polestar 2 while charging saves a significant amount of battery power compared to using climate control while driving. It extends the car's range and sets a comfortable passenger compartment temperature before the driver gets in.

In-car range assistant

Get range guidance in real time. The in-car range assistant app monitors speed, driving style and climate settings to present instant updates of the car's energy consumption on its home tile. It can also show the projected range on the instrument panel and activate ECO-climate, automatically adjusting the climate system to go the extra mile(s).

Steering wheel and main center display.



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  1. 1. EPA Data. 
  2. Charging time measured from 10-80% capacity using a DC 205 kW charger. Charging time and range target based on Long range Single motor variant and EPA standard. 
  3. This is an electric vehicle. Since electricity is not measured in gallons, a conversion factor is used to translate the fuel economy into miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent (MPGe). EPA-estimated combined 124 city/106 highway/115 combined MPGe figures. Use for comparison purposes only. Your MPGe will vary for many reasons, including but not limited to, driving conditions, how you maintain your vehicle, battery-package/condition, and other factors. Visit http://www.fueleconomy.gov/ 
  4. 2. Google, Google Play, Google Maps and YouTube Music are trademarks of Google LLC. Google Assistant and some related features are not available in all languages or countries. See g.co/assistant/carlanguages for updates to language and country availability. Not all services, features, applications or required compatible devices are available in all languages or countries, and may vary by car model. For more details, visit the Help Center, websites for Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Play, or the car manufacturer's website. Visuals are for illustrative purposes only. 
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