Electric driving

The future of sustainable mobility

Electric driving

The future of sustainable mobility

Time to change

Polestar is all in, committed to a fully electric future. The global transition from gasoline and diesel to electric cars will bring benefits to both the environment and your bank balance, not to mention an exciting new driving experience. It's time to make a positive change.

The right way to go

We're all familiar with gasoline and diesel cars. How they feel to drive. The way they sound. How often they need refueling. We're also fully aware of the drawbacks of fossil fuels. That's why more and more people are wondering how electric driving will fit into their everyday life. On these pages we'll address the most common concerns people have, including electric car performance, charging station availability, and the financial implications of electric driving.

Electric car performance

Whatever your driving style, electric cars are a pure pleasure to drive. If it's thrills you love, electric cars can outperform conventional cars in terms of power, acceleration and handling. They're also well suited to practical, day-to-day driving, with innovative features that make a significant difference, like one-pedal driving and regenerative braking.

The end of range anxiety

One of the biggest differences between conventional and electric driving is the way you think about fuel. Instead of driving to a gas station to refill an empty fuel tank, electric cars redefine parking time as charging time. So every time you park, you plug it in and charge it up. This simple behavioral change will cover your energy needs for most daily drives. And for longer journeys, there's an extensive and ever-growing infrastructure of public charging stations.

Take charge
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