Polestar 4 has been engineered to combine SUV comfort with sports coupé handling and performance, resulting in a balanced and highly responsive car. In fact, it’s the quickest production Polestar to date.


Polestar 4 is available with two powertrains to suit different driving styles and environments, extending the real-world range and elevating the real-life experience.

Long range Dual motor

400 kW 536 bhp
506 lbf-ft
0-60 mph*
3.7 sec
Range up to*
367 mi

Long range Single motor

200 kW 268 bhp
253 lbf-ft
0-60 mph*
6.9 sec
Range up to*
385 mi


A low, sleek front. Air curtains below the headlights. Rear side aero blades. Flush glazing and door handles. A completely flat floor. All aerodynamic features are integrated design elements, working in unison to minimise drag - maximising range and performance.


The low centre of gravity, balanced weight distribution, structural stiffness and carefully tuned suspension components result in a confidence-inspiring chassis and the sharpest steering response of any Polestar to date.

Polestar 4 back of the car


Whether active or passive, the dampers fitted to Polestar 4 deliver an engaging drive without compromising comfort. All options ensure an optimal connection to the road regardless of the driving conditions.

Polestar 4 semi-active ZF dampers on black background

Active ZF dampers with coil spring suspension

Developed by acclaimed German manufacturer, ZF, the continuously controlled active dampers use sensors to detect and counter pitch and roll movements. Their software allows the driver to select a “standard”, “nimble”, or “firm” suspension feel on the centre display.

Included with the Long range Dual motor.

Tuned active ZF dampers

The more performance-oriented active ZF dampers feature specially tuned valves to work in unison with the 22-inch forged alloy wheels. Paired with stiffer springs and anti-roll bars, they ensure an even higher level of control when the suspension feel is set to “firm”.

Available as an upgrade.

Polestar 4 High-capacity passive dampers on black background

High-capacity passive dampers

Adapted to active driving, the high-capacity passive dampers are designed to limit body roll and enhance control. They work with an increased compression level and internal rebound springs, similar to their active counterparts.

Included with the Long range Single motor.


The quickest production Polestar yet still needs to be able to slow down. And stop. Explore the highly efficient and control-enhancing brake options for Polestar 4.

Black and yellow Brembo brakes on Polestar 4 Performance pack

Brembo brakes

Italian motorsport icon, Brembo, is renowned for engineering performance brakes. Their 392 x 34 mm (front) and 364 x 26 mm (rear) ventilated discs with aluminium four-piston callipers ensure a fast response at any temperature while reducing weight, wear, and brake dust.

Available as an upgrade.

Black standard brakes on Polestar 4

Standard brakes

The standard 364 x 30 mm (front) and 350 x 26 mm (rear) ventilated disc brakes provide ample stopping power for the single- and dual-motor versions of Polestar 4. The brake-by-wire system and the dual-motor cars’ larger calliper pistons make them even more effective.

All- or rear-wheel drive

Polestar 4 comes with all- or rear-wheel drive powertrains, each optimised for driver engagement. The all-wheel drive version includes a front motor disconnect function, extending the car’s range when performance is not a priority.

All-wheel drive

22” Performance wheels

Engineered for increased performance, the 22-inch 4-Multi spoke wheels are forged instead of cast, making them lighter and stronger than conventional alloys. The signature design is created with a Polestar-patented laser etching process, using less energy than traditional cutting methods. 

Available as an upgrade.

Adjustable steering feedback on center display Polestar 4

Adjustable steering feedback

The driver can adjust the feel of the progressive electric power steering in Polestar 4 according to personal preference. Choose between three modes: “light” for navigating city streets and parking lots, “standard” for motorways and “firm” for active driving on twisty roads.

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