Expo 2020 Dubai

Sometimes, you can create a new tradition by joining an already established one. Especially when said tradition is one of showcasing the latest technological achievements the world over. We’re speaking, of course, of the World Expo. Which Polestar joins this year.

First held in Prague in 1791, the World Expo (also known as the World’s Fair or Specialised Expo) is a large-scale international exhibition lasting from three to six months and a platform for countries to display their newest innovations and developments. This year’s iteration, known as Expo 2020, takes place in Dubai. Featuring over 190 nations and billed as “the greatest global gathering in history”, Expo 2020’s primary theme is that of “connecting minds and creating the future” through sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

The Sweden Pavilion, located in the Sustainability District, showcases the various brands that are helping to push innovation within life sciences, smart cities, bio-circular economies, and mobility. Which is where we come in. An official partner, Polestar’s stand features an AI-enhanced scale model of Polestar Precept, along with numerous videos explaining our approach to sustainability, collaboration, and the near future of electric mobility. Attendees stroll through a forest of wooden trunks, a symbol for co-creation designed by Alessandro Ripellino Architects, Studio Adrien Gardère, and Luigi Pardo Architetti, with stumps taking the place of plinths. The pavilion, built of alternative materials, is “a fusion of dense Nordic woodland and Islamic geometric design”. It’s estimated to have saved approximately 1,000 CO2e by avoiding the use of traditional materials in its construction.


Some traditions are worth maintaining. Particularly those that emphasise innovation, collaboration, and a more sustainable future.


Green charging: ensuring EVs reach their full potential

Energy can take many shapes and forms. Thermal. Radiant. Negative or positive (optimism for the win). And the same goes for the energy temporarily stored in your EV’s battery. It may be green. Or not at all. It all comes down to how you charge your car.

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