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High voltage battery

Your Polestar is equipped with a high-voltage battery which is located in the car's chassis. This is maintenance-free and rechargeable.

Only authorised workshop personnel are allowed to handle high voltage battery parts.

The car cannot be started if the high voltage battery is discharged. If both the 12 V battery and the high voltage battery are discharged, both batteries have to be charged. It is not possible to charge just the high voltage battery first in this case. The 12 V battery needs a certain charge level so that the high voltage battery can charge.


The high voltage battery must only be replaced by a workshop – contact Polestar Customer Support.

Positioning of the high voltage battery

PS2-24w17-Traction battery placement

High voltage battery service life and capacity

The capacity of the high voltage battery diminishes with age and use, which may result in reduced range.

Some recommendations to increase battery service life:
  • Leave the charging cable fitted when the car is parked. Primarily in particularly hot or cold climates.
  • Avoid driving at a low state of charge.
  • If the State Of Charge (SoC) is 0%, the battery should be charged as soon as possible.
  • Avoid maximum charging of the battery if this is not needed for the mileage. A recommended state of charge is shown in the centre display.

High voltage battery specifications

Type: Lithium-ion

The total amount of energy depends on version.

Long range Dual motor: 82 kWh1

Long range Single motor: 82 kWh

Standard range Single motor: 70 kWh2

  1. 1 82 kWh also applies in Performance mode.
  2. 2 69 kWh applies to Australia, The United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Kuwait, New Zealand and Singapore.