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Wiper blades and washer fluid

Together with the washer fluid, the wipers aim to improve visibility.

The nozzles for the windscreen wipers are integrated on the top side of the wiper arm. Washer fluid is ejected when window washing is activated and the wiper arms start to move.

The fact that the nozzles are integrated in the wiper arm helps to bring about more effective window washing at different speeds and in various weather conditions, e.g. strong winds. It may also reduce the risk of obscuring the driver's vision, which is otherwise common when washing the windscreen in the traditional way. Integrated nozzles of this type also result in more efficient consumption of washer fluid.

The washer nozzles are heated* automatically in cold weather in order to prevent the washer fluid freezing.

Information indicating that the washer fluid needs topping up appears in the driver display when there is approx. 1 litre (1 qt) of washer fluid remaining.

  1. * Option/accessory.