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Detachable key blade

The key contains a detachable key blade of metal with which a number of functions can be activated and some operations carried out.

Contact Polestar Customer Support when ordering new key blades.

The key blade's application areas

Using the key's detachable key blade, the following are possible:
  • the driver's door can be opened manually if central locking cannot be activated with the standard key
  • the doors are emergency-locked.

Detaching the key blade

PS-2007-Change battery in key - number 1
PS-Icon grey square 1

PS-Icon arrow 1Hold the key with the front visible and the Polestar logo facing the right way – slide the button at bottom edge by the key ring to the right. Guide the front side's shell a few millimetres upwards.

PS-Icon arrow 2 The shell will then come free and can be lifted off the key.

PS-2007-Remove key blade - 2
PS-Icon grey square 2

PS-Icon arrow 1 Detach the key blade by angling it up.

PS-2007-Remove key blade - 3
PS-Icon grey square 3

Return the key blade to its intended position in the key after use.

PS-Icon arrow 1 Refit the shell by pressing it downward until a clicking sound is heard.

PS-Icon arrow 2 Then slide the shell back.

A further click will indicate that the shell is securely attached.