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Keyboard in the centre display

The centre display keyboard makes it possible make entries using keys. It is also possible to "draw in" letters and characters on the screen by hand.

The keyboard can be used to enter characters, letters and numbers, e.g. to write text messages from the car, enter passwords or search for articles in the Manual in the centre display.

The keyboard is only shown when entries can be made on the screen.

PS2- 2007- Symbol keyboard down

Hides the keyboard. If this is not possible, the button is not shown.

PS2-2007-All-Keypad enable handwriting

Changes keyboard mode to write letters and characters by hand instead.

Pressing the confirmation button above the keypad confirms the entered characters. The appearance of the button differs depending on context.

Variants of a letter or character

Variants of a letter or character, e.g. é or è, can be entered by holding down the letter or character. A box is displayed showing possible variants of letters or characters. Press the required variant. If no variant is selected, the original letter/character is entered.