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Managing subviews in centre display

The centre display's home view and app view include subviews that can be expanded.

Expanding an app in home view

Expanding an app:

Tap on the desired app. When an app is opened, the other apps are temporarily suppressed.

An open app gives access to its basic functions.

Closing an app:
Briefly press the physical home button below the centre display.

Expanding a tile in app view

Expanding a subview:
Press PS2- 2007- Icon three dots textsymbol
The tile is expanded and provides access to additional apps.
Closing an expanded subview:
The subview can be closed in two ways:
  • Press PS2- 2007- Cross app view textsymbol
  • Briefly tap on the home button in the bottom of the centre display.
PS2- 20w07- Overview of center display
Home button for the centre display.

There is always the option to go back to home view by pressing the home button.