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Roof load and loading on load holder*

When loading onto the roof of the car, a load holder recommended by Polestar should be used.

The aim of this is to reduce the risk of damage to the car, and to maintain safety while travelling.

Carefully follow the mounting instruction supplied with the load holder.

  • Distribute the load evenly over the load holders. Place the heaviest load at the bottom.
  • Check regularly to ensure that the load holders and load are secured properly. Lash the load securely using bungees.
  • If the load extends beyond the front of the car – a canoe or kayak, for example – fit the towing eye in its front socket and use that to attach a bungee to.
  • The larger the load, the more the car is exposed to the wind, thereby increasing its energy consumption.
  • Drive gently. Avoid violent acceleration, heavy braking and hard cornering.


The centre of gravity and driving characteristics of the car change when carrying a load on the roof.

Comply with the car's specifications with regard to weight and maximum permitted load.

  1. * Option/accessory.