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Software updates

Polestar is continuously developing the systems in the cars and the services offered to you. Software updates in your car can give you access to many new functions and improvements. The car's software can be updated to the latest version via Over-the-Air (OTA) or in connection with service at an authorised Polestar workshop. You will be informed in the centre display when new software is available via Over-the-Air (OTA). Go to the app view, then "Settings" (icon), "System" and "Software update" to see the current software version.


  • Functionality after updating may vary depending on market, model year and options.
  • Some of the updates are available at workshop visits before they are available via Over-the-Air (OTA).
  • Previously released updates are also included when updating to the latest version.

Updates in software version P3.1.10

  • Stability improvements for vehicle key recognition (only for late MY24 and MY25 vehicles).

Updates in software version P3.1.9

  • Performance improvements in the infotainment system.
  • Stability improvements for the cabin climate settings.
  • Maps in the driver display will not be visible during an active reverse event.

Updates in software version P3.1.2

  • Climate preconditioning now with 10 minutes added to timer to account for users arriving late to the car after planning a departure time.
  • General calibration for the climate system.
  • Intelligent Speed Assistant icon update (only for European vehicles built from November 2023 onwards).

Updates in software version P3.0.3

Note: Software update should not be installed whilst the vehicle is charging, as this will interrupt the charging.

Please schedule your software update for when charging is complete

  • Android Automotive OS 12.
  • Enabler for continued Google Automotive Services and 3rd party app development.
  • New Messages application, where user can interact with some of the latest received messages directly on the screen, as a complement to the Voice assistant messenger functionality.
  • Microphone icon indicating when the microphone is being used in the top bar.
  • Steering wheel heater activated automatically with remote climate start below 10°C/50°F ambient temperature (for vehicles built before November 2022).
  • Range App improvements: “Medium consumption” added to existing consumption meters.
  • If user has not approved Google's Terms of Service, related Google apps will be greyed out. Tapping on greyed out icons will guide user to Google's Terms of Service.
  • Off-line support for road sign information for users that have not approved Google’s Terms and conditions.
  • “Complete Profile Setup” button now integrated in the center display.
  • Improvements to traffic sign recognition for European markets.
  • Improvements in Bluetooth connection between car and Apple CarPlay when transferring phone calls.

Updates in software version P2.14.3

  • Improved driving experience at low speeds (MY24 only).
  • Scheduled charging improvements in Polestar app.

Updates in software version P2.13.3

  • Steering wheel heater activated automatically with remote climate start below 10°C/50°F ambient temperature (for vehicles built from end of November 2022 and onwards).

Updates in software version P2.13.1

  • Stability improvements for GPS position in Google Maps.
  • FM radio and DAB will be listed under separate tabs in radio app if DAB linking is not enabled (favourites will need to be reconfigured).
  • Improvements for interior system audio.
  • Connectivity stability improvements.
  • New certified range shown in driver display for MY24 standard range version (does not affect real-world range or projected range).

Updates in software version P2.12

  • Stability improvements in the foot movement detection module when using digital key (MY23-24 vehicles).
  • Improved interior detection when driving with digital key (MY23-24 vehicles).
  • Introducing time scheduling for over the air software installations (OTAs).

Updates in software version P2.11

  • Bug fix for slow charging (primarily experienced in Norway).
  • On/off toggle for wireless phone charger.
  • Optimisation for towbar release function.

Updates in software version P2.10

  • Stability improvements to the map view in the driver display.
  • Battery cooling control optimisation to improve cabin climate when ambient temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

Updates in software version P2.9

  • YouTube app now available.
  • Significant upgrades to Range Assistant app.
    • Improved algorithm for instant consumption refined for more immediate feedback based on driver actions.
    • Recent energy consumption graph available for last 20/40/100 km.
    • Improved algorithm for projected range with more stable and realistic range based on driving style, ambient conditions, and vehicle load.
    • Projected range selectable to be shown in driver display via app settings, in place of standard range projection.
  • New features in Apple CarPlay:
    • Navigation via Apple Maps now shows in driver display.
    • “Play/Pause” and “Next/Previous” buttons now shown on home screen tile.
    • “Now Playing” information now shown on home screen tile.
    • Phone call information now shown on home screen tile and driver display during calls. Now possible to handle phone calls using steering wheel buttons.
  • Improvements to FM radio connections.

Updates in software version P2.8

Note: this software release is only available in workshops, not OTA. The content of P2.8 will be included in the next OTA release.

  • Improvements to estimated charging time completion in car and Polestar app.
  • General stability improvements.

Updates in software version P2.7

Re-enabling of data sharing of information between your vehicle and other vehicles via our cloud service which was temporarily disabled in P2.2 is required. After P2.7 has been installed in your vehicle you will be able to activate this again through the vehicle’s privacy settings. This change only applies to vehicles in Europe and North America

  • Stability improvements for infotainment system including performance improvements.
  • Bug fix for privacy settings in Polestar account.
  • Bug fix for footwell interior light (vehicles with Plus Pack are not affected).
  • Bug fix for clicking sound experienced in cabin under regen braking.
  • Polestar app displays information during OTA software installation (valid from sw P2.5 and app version 3.13).

Note: After software installation you may need to store new reference values for the tire pressure monitoring system. Follow the instructions in the owner's manual.

Updates in software version P2.6

Note: this software release is only available in workshops, not OTA. The content of P2.6 will be included in the next OTA release .

  • Improved cabin temperature control.
  • Seats are activated automatically with remote climate start below 10°C/50°F ambient temperature. Heating on both front seats will be on level 1 during preconditioning.
  • Improved Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) function.

Updates in software version P2.5

  • Stability improvements for issue with unlocking the vehicle with physical key.
  • Radio improvements: including fixes for delay in radio text, last selected station lost on next start-up and loss of audio when using DAB radio (DAB availability may vary depending on market and model year).
  • Range Assistant app improvements: centre display now also shows instant consumption in the home screen tile when minimised.
  • Remove paired device: possible to remove paired device through new function added in both mobile app and in-car settings.

Updates in software version P2.4

  • Stability improvements for issue with unlocking the vehicle with physical key.
  • Bug fix for charging limit issue.

Updates in software version P2.3

  • Improvements to ready-to-drive drive notification when using Pilot Assist.
  • Stability improvements for issue with unlocking the vehicle with physical key.
  • Optimised use of the heat pump through increased efficiency and improved utilisation in colder climates.
  • Bug fix for false Park Assist System (PAS) “Service Required” message.
  • Note: To support this software release the sharing of information between your car and other vehicles via our cloud service will be temporarily disabled if it was activated before. Your earlier privacy settings will remain when data sharing is enabled again. The temporary change applies only to cars in Europe and North America.

Updates in software version P2.2

  • Introduction of Apple CarPlay.
  • Preparation for future video streaming apps.
  • Performance app: acceleration measurement in cars with performance software upgrade. G-meter in all cars.
  • Front USB-C port opened for external device input (e.g. gaming, music, Apple CarPlay).
  • Cruise control efficiency improvement regardless of One Pedal Drive setting.
  • Improvements to Road Sign Information.
  • Improved accuracy for Google Maps destination state of charge (SoC) value .
  • Improvements to wireless charging for Apple products.
  • Improved efficiency and real-world range.
  • Improved behaviour when switching from Adaptive Cruise Control or Pilot Assist to manual driving.
  • Bug fix for charging timers, incorrect time format rectified.