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Destination in Google Maps

It is possible to enter several destination types in Maps.

Different destination types can be entered in the search field. Besides addresses, it is possible to enter a specific destination, such as a museum, and ask for directions to the destination. It is also possible to execute more general searches, e.g. for charging stations, restaurants and hotels, and then select one of the search results as a destination and get directions to the destination.

If a Google account is linked to the car, destinations such as home, work, favourites and last searches that are set on other devices can be shown in Maps.


A poorer connection may limit the number of available functions.

Searching for destination


Say to Google Assistant1, for example: "Navigate to [address]"

As an alternative to Google Assistant, the following is possible:
Open Google Maps.
Tap on the search field.
Enter the destination or tap on the microphone symbol to search for a destination using your voice.
Tap on Start in order to start guidance.

Adding address for home or work.

Open Google Maps.
Tap on the user symbol.
Press Settings>Edit home or work.
Set address

Now you can ask the Assistant to navigate to the set location or, for example, ask the question: "What's the traffic like on the way to work?".

  1. 1 Google Assistant is not available in all languages as yet.