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Google Maps

The Google Maps app includes maps and provides access to e.g. traffic information, directions and information on where to find appropriate charging stations.

Using Google Maps

Maps is shown and is operated in the centre display as well as the driver display using the steering wheel keypad. Maps can also be operated using voice control.

Downloading maps

To ensure access to maps in Google Maps even when the car has poor or no online connection, map data is saved automatically.

Electric car functions with Google Maps

Some functions in Maps are unique to electric cars. Some of them are listed here, with a brief description.

Google Maps in driver display

The driver display can show guidance to destination with instructions as well as map. A map can also be shown if no destination is set.

Online functions with Google Maps

The car needs an Internet connection for full Maps functionality. A few functions that are accessible when the car is online are listed here.

  • Enter destination

  • Settings for navigation

  • Map update