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Closing and locking the tailgate with the button

The buttons on the tailgate's underside can close and lock the car automatically.
PS2-2007-Power operated tailgate overview


During manual tailgate operation, open or close it slowly. Do not use force to open/close it if there is resistance. The tailgate may be damaged and stop working correctly.


Press the PS2-2007-Power operater tailgate close button button on the underside of the tailgate.
The tailgate closes automatically and remains unlocked.


  • The button is active 24 hours after the hatch has been left open. Thereafter, it must be closed manually.
  • If the flap has been open for more than 30 minutes, it will close at a slow speed.

Closing and locking

Press the PS2-2007-Power operated tailgate close and lock button button on the underside of the tailgate.
The tailgate is closed automatically and the car is locked1.


  • One of the car's keys must be within range for locking and unlocking to work.
  • When locking or closing, three signals will sound if the key is not detected sufficiently close to the tailgate.

Cancel closing

  • Press the button on the instrument panel.
  • Press the key's button.
  • Press the closing button on the underside of the tailgate.
  • Press the tailgate's handle.
  • Using a foot movement*.

The tailgate's movement is interrupted and stops. With a further press on the tailgate's handle, the tailgate will open. If one of the other options is used, it will instead continue to close. The tailgate can also be operated manually.

If the tailgate is stopped close to closed position, the next activation will open the tailgate.

Pinch protection

If anything offering sufficient resistance prevents the tailgate opening or closing, pinch protection is activated.

  • During opening - movement is interrupted, the tailgate stops and a long acoustic signal sounds.
  • When closing – the movement is interrupted, the tailgate stops, a long signal sounds and the tailgate returns to its set maximum opening.


  • Note the risk of crushing when opening and closing.
  • Check that there is nobody near the tailgate before starting to open or close it as a crush injury may have severe consequences.
  • Always operate the tailgate with caution.

Pre-tensioned springs

PS2-2007-High pressure preloaded spring


Do not open the pretensioned springs. They are pretensioned to a high pressure and may cause injury if opened.
  1. 1 All doors must be closed for locking the car.
  2. * Option/accessory.