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Winter driving

For winter driving it is important to perform certain checks of the car in order to ensure that it can be driven safely.

Check the following in particular before a cold season:

  • The condition of the battery and charge level must be inspected. Cold weather places greater demands on the battery and its capacity is reduced by the cold.
  • Use washer fluid with antifreeze to avoid ice forming in the washer fluid reservoir.

Slippery driving conditions

Polestar recommends changing the setting for one pedal drive to Off or Low in order to contribute to more stable driving in slippery or icy conditions.

To achieve optimum roadholding Polestar recommends using winter tyres on all wheels if there is a risk of snow or ice.


The use of winter tyres is a legal requirement in certain countries. Studded tyres are not permitted in all countries.

Practise driving on slippery surfaces under controlled conditions to learn how the car reacts.