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Speed-dependent steering force

Speed related power steering causes the steering wheel force to increase with the speed of the car so as to be able to give the driver enhanced sensitivity.

Reduced power

In rare situations, the power steering may need to work at reduced power, and turning the steering wheel may then seem slightly heavier. This may occur when the power steering becomes too hot and then needs temporary cooling. It may also occur if the power supply is disrupted.

PS2-2007-Steering resistance symbol

In the event of reduced power, the message Power steering assistance Temporarily reduced is shown, as well as this symbol in the driver display.

While the power steering is working at reduced power, the driver support functions and steering assistance systems are not available.


If the temperature increases too much, the servo may be forced to switch off completely. In such a situation, the driver display shows the Stop safely Power steering failure message, combined with a symbol.

Change the steering force level

Tap on PS2-2007-Car symbol in the centre display.
Press Drive.
Choose the preferred setting for steering.

Steering wheel resistance selection can only be accessed if the car is stationary or is moving at low speed and in a straight line.

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