Polestar 2 offers five carefully curated interior colour schemes paired with innovative upholstery and deco materials. Discover a new form of premium that pairs a progressive design language with a mindful use of resources.

Ventilated Nappa leather in Charcoal with Light ash deco interior.

Ventilated Nappa leather in Zinc with Light ash deco interior.

Charcoal WeaveTech with Black ash wooden deco interior.

Slate WeaveTech with Black ash wooden deco interior.

Charcoal Embossed textile with 3D Etched deco interior.

Zinc- or Charcoal-coloured Nappa leather upholstery.


Ventilated Nappa leather

More responsible. More sustainable. The ventilated Zinc- or Charcoal-coloured Nappa leather upholstery is produced in collaboration with Bridge of Weir in Scotland. This ensures that it’s traceable, chrome-free, and adheres to strict animal welfare standards. The colours extend to the door inserts.

Available as an upgrade.

Slate and Charcoal seat in Bio-attributed WeaveTech.


Bio-attributed WeaveTech

WeaveTech is a vegan, PVC-based leather alternative. Available in Slate or Charcoal, it’s dirt and moisture-resistant, and sustainably manufactured via a process that reduces the amount of chemical plasticisers from an average 45% to just 1%.

Available as an upgrade.

Embossed textile seat in Charcoal upholstery.


Embossed textile

Standard but far from conventional, the Charcoal upholstery is accentuated by backrests clad in Embossed textile. Nubuck badges and thin piping supply the subtle finishing touches.

Light ash deco interior.


Light ash deco

The treated deco panel gets its unique look from the natural wood grain structure rather than the colour shift effect found in traditional car veneers. Using this approach reduces material waste, while increasing the level of refinement.

Available as an upgrade.

Black ash deco interior.


Black ash deco

Contrary to traditional veneers, this deco allows a more efficient use of the available raw material. Making a feature of the wood’s physical structure, a black wood stain highlights the natural grain to achieve an elegant, textured look.

Available as an upgrade.

3D Etched deco interior.


3D Etched deco

The 3D Etched deco displays a striking angular pattern, highlighting the technical feel of Polestar 2 and matching the tactile rotary knob in the centre console. Not all geometry has to be boring.

Interior lighting

Small details make a big impact. Like the crisp, white ambient lighting that contributes to the interior atmosphere and makes it easier to find things in the dark.  


Polestar 2's seats are designed for optimal ergonomics that hone the electric experience. Their shape and structure ensure a comfortable journey, no matter the travelling distance or the style of driving.

Ventilated Nappa leather in Zinc.

Front seats

Heated front seats with powered lumbar support

Both front seats come with individually controlled heating, and powered four-way adjustable lumbar support as standard. When it comes to comfort, there’s no one-size-fits-all.

Stearing wheel and close up of driver display.

Front seats

Seat-activated start

Touch the door handle to get in. Sit down to drive off. The signal of an authorised key fob or smartphone with a digital key will unlock the car, and a sensor in the driver’s seat activates the powertrain. Starter button not required.

Digital key is available as an upgrade.

Front seats

Driver profiles

Polestar 2 can automatically store the preferred seating position, exterior mirror positions, app log-in credentials, and drive settings for up to six drivers. Profile settings are activated as soon as the car detects an authorised key or smartphone.

Rear seat in Zinc upholstery and golden seat belts.

Heated rear seats

Polestar 2’s rear seats are designed to the same ergonomic principles as the front seats, and the outer ones can be upgraded with electric heating, featuring individual temperature controls. All for comfort. Comfort for all.

Available as an upgrade.


Sensible sophistication. The digital displays integrated into Polestar 2’s dashboard provide the latest in driver information technology without overwhelming the senses. With a design focused on intuitiveness, the interface is instantly familiar, while the screens’ quality and touch sensitivity add to the user-friendliness.

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Frameless 11.2” centre display.

11.2” centre display

The large, frameless “tablet look” centre display uses highly advanced touch technology, sensing a finger even if it’s gloved. Reflection and glare are kept to a minimum, thanks to a durable, anti-reflective coating, while the high resolution and pixel density deliver an extremely clear image. 

12.3” driver display.

12.3” driver display

Easy on the eyes. The landscape HD driver display clearly presents the most important driving information, automatically adapting to the amount of ambient light. Sensors continuously control the screen’s brightness to ensure the display is always comfortable to read. 


407 litres with the seats up, 1,097 litres with the seats down. Polestar 2 has a sizeable rear luggage compartment with a roof-hinged tailgate for easy access. It fits everything from weekend bags to a surfboard and comes with convenient under-floor storage.


The rear luggage compartment fits a wide range of items and the roof-hinged tailgate provides easy access.
Rear side view of white Polestar 2 with tailgate opened.

Power-operated tailgate with foot sensor

When arms are full carrying grocery bags or precious goods, a simple kicking motion under the bumper opens or closes the tailgate when the key is present. The movement is detected by a one-meter-long sensor, meaning quick access and easier loading and unloading.

Available as an upgrade.

Panoramic roof

The optional full-length fixed panoramic roof makes the interior feel even more spacious. Its tinted, 99.5% UV-resistant glass safely lets the sunlight in, while the acoustic lamination helps to keep the road noise out.

Available as an upgrade.

Birds eye view of a black Polestar 2 with panoramic glass roof.
Stearing wheel in WeaveTech upholstery.

Heated steering wheel

Civilisation is a heated steering wheel. Clad in vegan-friendly WeaveTech upholstery, to provide a comfortable, grippy feeling without the use of leather.  

Available as an upgrade.

Display of air quality system.

Cabin comfort

Air quality

Time for a breath of fresh air. Literally. The advanced air quality system detects pollutants and pollen and immediately adjusts the cabin filter to help keep them out. 

Available as an upgrade.

Phone display with pre-entries for car climate control.

Cabin comfort

Pre-entry climate control

The perfect cabin temperature, even before driving off. Polestar 2’s climate control system can be set in advance, via the Polestar app or via the car’s centre display. This ensures a comfortable start of the next trip and extends the range as energy-intensive cooling and heating take place while Polestar 2 is charging. 

Cabin comfort

Auto-dimming interior mirror

Turn down the dazzle. Polestar 2’s rearview mirror has an auto-dimming functionality that works in unison with the door mirrors. If the sensors detect bright lights from trailing cars, the mirrors become tinted to reduce glare and avoid straining the driver’s eyes. 

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