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SpacesA new take on automotive retail

SpacesA new take on automotive retail

Polestar wants to make buying a car as fun as owning it. So we’ve carefully designed our retail spaces to inspire, inform and delight you. Polestar spaces are awesome environments with a singular purity of purpose. Minimalistic, monochrome interiors elevate the deliberately chosen materials, while promoting a calm and thoughtful atmosphere. Clearing away all the distractions so you can focus on what matters: the cars.

It’s almost like visiting an art gallery where the cars are the exhibits. From the glassed-in brakes and batteries in the component wall to the drawers full of colour and material samples, to the crisp photos of dampers, rims and other parts. Every item is placed with deliberation, so you can geek out over every aspect of it, free from distraction.

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You won’t find any salespeople in a Polestar space. Just room to explore at your own pace, and expert assistance if you need it. Take your time and get to know the cars inside and out. You can even configure your own Polestar car on an interactive screen. If you have any questions our product experts are on hand to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you. Selling just isn’t in their job description.

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