Performance pack

More responsive, more dynamic, more engaging. The Performance pack bundles a set of specialised handling and power upgrades, carefully tuned for the Polestar 2 Long range Dual motor. 

Close up on the front of a dark blue Polestar 2
A big tablet in the middle of the dashboard showing the performance of the car.

Performance software upgrade

Next-level responsiveness. The performance software upgrade increases the power of the electric motors to 350 kW¹ (476 hp) and the torque to 740 Nm¹. It includes launch control to provide maximum power from a standstill and works with the Performance app to check up on g-force and acceleration time. 

¹Preliminary data. 

Close-up on a wheel on a white Polestar.

Hardware upgrades

20” Performance wheels

Originally developed for motorsport, forged alloy wheels pair reduced weight with increased strength to improve handling and road contact. Combined with the performance focused Sport contact 6 tyres, drivers can expect excellent stability and braking performance in a variety of driving scenarios.

Showing the back of the Polestar 2 on a road.

Hardware upgrades

Polestar Engineered chassis tuning

Refined performance for maximum driver engagement. Polestar Engineered chassis tuning provides precisely crafted control, with manually adjustable Öhlins’ Dual Flow Valve dampers that ensure optimal road contact, regardless of road surface or weather conditions. 

Black and yellow Brembo brake on black background

Hardware upgrades

Brembo brakes

Engineered by renowned Italian manufacturer Brembo, these brakes profit from decades of competition experience. The ventilated, drilled discs and four-piston aluminium callipers offer a quick response at any temperature while reducing weight, wear, noise and dust build-up. 

Black damper on black background

Hardware upgrades

Öhlins Dual Flow Valve dampers

Developed with the suspension experts of Öhlins, the DFV dampers combine unparalleled traction and responsiveness with a balanced ride. The driver can easily configure them at home to suit various driving situations, but the Performance pack also includes one free damper adjustment at a Polestar service point. 

Seatbelt in yellow/golden on a dark seat

Hardware upgrades

Swedish gold seatbelts

Our definition of performance is incomplete without safety. To emphasise this, the special edition seatbelts have the same distinctive gold colour as the brake callipers and the valve caps. 

Plus pack

From the panoramic, noise-reducing glass roof to Harman Kardon Premium Sound. From WeaveTech vegan upholstery to advanced air quality technology. The Plus pack includes all the features to elevate the Polestar 2 driving experience even further.

Light grey speakers built into the front foor

Interior upgrades

Harman Kardon Premium Sound

Custom-developed for Polestar 2, Harman Kardon Premium Sound delivers 600 watts of powerful, immersive sound through 13 optimally placed speakers. Advanced tuning software eliminates sonic imperfections, ensuring audible refinement throughout the cabin. 

A black Polestar 2 is shown from above showing the panoramic roof

Interior upgrades

Panoramic roof

A heightened sense of space. The full-length panoramic roof adds to the spacious feel of the interior by allowing extra light into the cabin. The highly engineered glass cuts out 99.5% of UV radiation and helps maintain the optimal cabin temperature. Its acoustic lamination significantly reduces the level of road noise.  

Close-up on black WeaveTech upholstery

Interior upgrades

WeaveTech seats with black ash deco inlays

Available in both Charcoal or Slate, the vegan, water and dirt-resistant WeaveTech upholstery and carefully styled Black ash inlays redefine premium for the electric age.

Black Polestar 2 shown from behind, tinted window

Interior upgrades

Tinted rear window

Because it’s made from equally advanced laminated glass, the tinted rear window adds to the glare and UV-reducing qualities of the panoramic roof.

Close-up on built-in lights in the cabin

Interior upgrades

High-level interior illumination

This carefully designed set of lights adds to the in-car atmosphere by emphasising the avant-garde interior. It also improves visibility in the cabin and the luggage compartments. 

Light seats inside Polestar 2 with yellow/gold belts

Comfort upgrades

Fully-electric front seats

Sit back and let the motors do the work. The Plus pack includes two fully-electric front seats, allowing the driver to find optimal comfort with minimal effort. The seat-shaped controls are designed for intuitive adjustment, while the multi-directional lumbar support helps to maintain a comfortable, natural posture. 

Focus on black steering wheel with Polestar logo and dashboard in the background

Comfort upgrades

Heated steering wheel, rear seats and wiper nozzles

Tested in the harshest winter weather, the heated steering wheel and rear seats make the Polestar 2 interior even more welcoming. The heated wiper nozzles prevent washer fluid from freezing in cold temperatures, enhancing the level of safety. 

Close-up on tablet showing air quality

Comfort upgrades

Air quality

Air quality uses a dedicated particulate matter sensor to monitor for a range of substances that can be present in the air surrounding the car. It detects gasses and pollen so that the advanced cabin filter can clean the air as thoroughly as possible. 

White Polestar showing from above on black floor with 2 large circles.

Comfort upgrades

Polestar digital key

Unlock a keyless experience. The Plus pack upgrades Polestar 2’s hardware, enabling the driver’s smartphone to work as an authentication device. Install the Polestar app, set it up, and the car will recognise the phone, allowing the doors to be unlocked by gripping the handle.  

Available with the Plus pack.


Open tailgate on a white Polestar. Half the car is visible in the picture

Comfort upgrades

Power-operated tailgate with foot sensor

The hands-free solution for those hands-full moments. Access the rear luggage compartment with a simple kick under the rear bumper, triggering the sensor that opens the tailgate. 

Foldable lid in the boot

Comfort upgrades

Rear floor “lid in lid” with bag holder

Put a lid on items moving around in the boot. The foldable “lid in lid” feature holds them in place, so they stay put. It also provides secure storage for portable appliances like coolers, which get their power from the 12V connection that’s fitted as standard. 

Exclusive Nappa upgrade

Add an even more premium look and feel to the interior. The Nappa upgrade is  exclusively available in combination with the Plus pack and includes perforated animal welfare traced Nappa leather upholstery, ventilated front seats, and Light ash deco.

Front seats with adjustable electric ventilation in the seat cushion and the backrest.

Pilot pack

Preventative, adaptive, aware. The Pilot pack further enhances Polestar 2’s driver assistance and safety features with Adaptive Cruise Control, Pilot Assist, intelligent Pixel LED headlights and more. 

Safety upgrades

Adaptive Cruise Control

Ease up on the accelerator and let Polestar 2 match the pace of traffic. Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts the speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and brings the car to a full stop if necessary. Touching the accelerator or brake pedal is enough to give control back to the driver. 

Safety upgrades

Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist supports the driver in keeping Polestar 2 centred in the driving lane. Using the camera and radar units, the system monitors the car’s position, making light steering adjustments if it moves too close to the lane markings. 

Warning systems

Rear Collision Warning and Mitigation

Rear Collision Warning and Mitigation checks for vehicles behind Polestar 2 and calculates the risk of collision. If a car comes too close, it rapidly flashes all the indicators. If it senses that an accident is imminent, the system pre-tensions the safety belts and applies the brakes. 

Lighting upgrades

Pixel LED headlights with adaptive high beam

Leave the headlights on high beam. The safety-enhancing Pixel LED technology adapts to light conditions and oncoming traffic to provide an optimal view without blinding other drivers.

Close-up on LED front fog lights

Lighting upgrades

LED front fog lights with cornering function

The LED front fog lights don’t just improve visibility in murky weather. At speeds below 19 miles per hour, the left or right lamp switches on when cornering, making it easier to judge bends and intersections. 

20" 4-V Spoke black silver alloy wheel. Light grey background.

20" Pro wheels

These silver and black cast alloy wheels feature a multi-faceted surface and bold lines that convey the car's performance capabilities from a standstill. One glance is all it takes, but staring (when safe to do so) is highly encouraged.

Close-up on the automatic towbar. Light grey background

Semi-electric towbar

The semi-electric towbar allows Polestar 2 to pull up to 1500 kg. It folds in and out at the touch of a button and comes equipped with Trailer Stability Assist to help stabilise the car if the connected trailer starts to sway.

Over-the-air updates

Polestar 2’s in-car software is constantly being tweaked to help improve its range, safety, performance and in-car applications. Expect continuous upgrades for the car throughout the year.  

Included in the price of the car.

Display inside Polestar 2 showing a new software update.
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