A car with good handling responds predictably, regardless of the road surface or driving conditions. The Polestar 2 chassis integrates the battery and pairs high torsional stiffness with a low centre of gravity to ensure a responsive, assertive drive.

A white Polestar 2 driving on a dark road. Seen obliquely from behind.


The optimal power and torque for every driving situation. Polestar 2 is available with four electric powertrain options, making it easy to adapt its performance to the driver’s personal preferences and driving environment.

Long range Dual motor with Performance pack

476 hp
740 Nm
0-100 km/h¹
4.2 sec
Range up to¹
Up to 568 km

Long range Dual motor

421 hp
740 Nm
0-100 km/h¹
4.5 sec
Range up to¹

Standard range Single motor

272 hp
490 Nm
0-100 km/h¹
6.4 sec
Range up to¹
546 km

All- or rear-wheel drive

Polestar 2 comes with an all-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive powertrain, both optimised for performance and driver engagement. The newly-developed asynchronous front motor, permanent magnet rear motor and silicon carbide inverter increase efficiency and torque, while the all-wheel drive system can disengage the front axle to further reduce energy consumption.

All-wheel drive high-efficiency powertrain. The front axle can be disengaged to save energy.


Both the standard and the upgraded suspension are tuned to deliver a dynamic drive without compromising comfort or safety. This setup enables an optimal connection to the road regardless of conditions. 

Black damper on black background

Öhlins Dual Flow Valve dampers

Sharing the same uncompromising approach to engineering, Polestar and the suspension experts Öhlins have jointly developed the DFV dampers for Polestar 2. They can easily be configured to suit various driving environments while providing unparalleled grip, responsiveness and balance. 

Available with the Performance pack.

Black damper on black background

Twin-tube frequency-dependent dampers

Raising the standard of standard suspension, these dampers enhance handling and comfort by limiting body roll and improving car control. Combined with the compact and lightweight suspension struts and links, they add to the mechanical grip and road-holding of Polestar 2.  

Big tablet next to the steering wheel showing the adjustable steering feedback

Adjustable steering feedback

Polestar 2’s progressive power steering adapts to the car’s speed, providing less feedback when moving slowly and more feedback when travelling faster. Drivers can also adjust the steering feel to their personal preference, choosing the softsetting for navigating city streets, “standard” for motorways and firm for active driving on twisty roads.

20" 4-Multi Spoke forged alloy wheel. Light grey background

20" Performance wheels

Using a manufacturing technique developed for motorsport, forged alloy wheels are shaped by pressing rather than casting, making them lighter and stronger than conventional wheels. Together the Sport contact 6 tyres, these wheels provide optimal handling and road contact.

Available with the Performance pack. 


What speeds up, must slow down. Explore the highly efficient brake options for Polestar 2.

Black and yellow Brembo brake on black background

Brake options

Brembo brakes

Building on decades of motorsport experience, Brembo brakes are engineered to the highest performance and safety standards. The ventilated, drilled discs and four-piston aluminium callipers offer a quick response at any temperature while reducing weight, wear, noise and dust build-up. 

Available with the Performance pack.

Standard brake on black background.

Brake options

Standard brakes

Designed to enhance efficiency and control, Polestar 2’s standard 345x30 mm (front) and 320x20 mm (rear) ventilated disc brakes increase stopping power in all driving conditions. The instantly responsive anti-lock braking system makes them even more effective.   

White Polestar 2 charging. Showing from behind

Range and charging

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