Plus pack

Harman Kardon premium sound, a head-up display, electric recliner rear seats, 3-zone climate control and more. The Plus pack bundles select interior, exterior, comfort, and charging upgrades to further elevate the Polestar 4 experience.


Zoom in on the Harman Kardon premium sound​ speaker in the Polestar 4

Interior upgrades

Harman Kardon premium sound

From analog synths to spoken word, the Harman Kardon sound system enables the most accurate recreations in every genre. Optional speakers in the driver and front passenger headrests let the other passengers listen to music even if the driver receives a phone call or navigation commands.

Head up display shown on the front window of the Polestar 4

Interior upgrades

Head-up display

The 14.7-inch head-up display projects speed, traffic information, navigation, and phone calls on the windshield. It also comes with "Snow mode," allowing the projection color to change to yellow for better visibility in winter weather.

Seat in Mist Tailored knit

Interior upgrades

Mist Tailored knit

Drawing inspiration from the footwear industry, the Mist-colored Tailored knit upholstery stitches together design and material innovations. Using yarn made from 100% recycled PET bottles, the fabric is knitted to fit, reducing waste without compromising the look and feel.

Knitted Zinc deco details in the Polestar 4

Interior upgrades

Zinc deco

Replacing wood and metal, the decorative interior panels are covered with an ultra-fine, technical mesh textile. The Plus pack includes the Zinc-coloured version of this innovative, made to size deco.

Interior upgrades

Star knit illuminated deco

The soft tech interior concept replaces more conventional wood and metal deco panels with an ultrafine, technical mesh textile. Covering the deco section of the door panels, the backlit textile provides a unique, astral atmosphere in the interior.

Exterior upgrades

Power-operated tailgate with foot sensor

A kick under the bumper triggers a sensor, enabling hands-free opening and closing of the tailgate. The opening angle can be limited to prevent damage when loading or unloading in low-ceiling garages.

Exterior upgrades

Auto-dimming exterior mirrors

The automatic dimming function reduces glare from bright lights, making objects in the mirrors more distinct and improving overall visibility.

Rear control screen in the back of the Polestar 4

Comfort upgrades

Rear control screen

The rear touchscreen ends the front seat's monopoly on in-car entertainment. Climate and media can now be controlled from the rear.

Front seats in the Polestar 4 that are adjustable

Comfort upgrades

12-way adjustable front seats with easy ingress/egress

With 12 different settings, these powered front seats provide even more ways to optimize the seating position. When the door is opened, the driver's seat and steering column move apart for easy access. Touching the brake pedal returns them to the positions stored in the activated driver profile.

Comfort upgrades

Powered reclining rear seats

The Plus pack adds electrically powered seat backs to the two outer rear seats, allowing them to recline from 27 to 34 degrees. Each has its own adjustment controls.

Centre display showing how to heat the steering wheel

Comfort upgrades

Heated steering wheel and rear seats

Ergonomics, take the wheel. And the seats. Both are heated to provide optimal comfort in cold conditions.

3-zone climate control on rear display that can be adjusted by the rear passengers

Comfort upgrades

3-zone climate control

The 3-zone climate system allows the rear passengers to set a separate temperature for their part of the cabin, using the rear control and entertainment screen placed between the front seats. Power to the people in the back.

Comfort upgrades

PM 2.5 air filtration

To enhance the air quality inside the car, the optional particulate matter sensor monitors the outside air for contaminants. It can detect dust, pollution, and pollen particles as small as 2.5 micrometers, and can adjust the cabin filter to keep them out.

Performance pack

Geared towards an even more responsive and engaging drive, the Performance pack includes a set of upgrades tuned specifically for the dual motor version.


22-inch Performance wheels on the Polestar 4

22” Performance wheels

To optimize their strength-to-weight ratio, the 22-inch Performance wheels are forged instead of cast, using a manufacturing technique rooted in motorsports. Combined with custom-developed Pirelli P Zero tires, they enhance handling and road contact. 

Polestar 4 from the back on a light grey background

Polestar Engineered chassis tuning

The Performance pack features a uniquely tuned chassis, providing greater control at all times. The electronically adjustable Active ZF dampers with coil spring suspension work in unison with the 22-inch forged alloy wheels to deliver refined performance for maximum driver engagement.

Brembo brake in yellow color

Brembo brakes

Decelerating the quickest Polestar to date even quicker, these brakes benefit from Brembo's iconic motorsport legacy. The ventilated discs and four-piston aluminum calipers ensure a fast response at any temperature while reducing weight, wear, noise, and dust buildup.

Swedish gold seatbelts on the Polestar 4 seat

Swedish gold accents

Polestar 4 continues the tradition of nodding to its Scandinavian heritage with brake calipers, valve caps, and seat belts finished in Swedish gold.

Nappa upgrade

The upholstery can be upgraded to perforated Nappa leather from Bridge of Weir, which also brings ventilation, four massage modes, and additional headrest speakers to the front seats.




Front seats

​Harman Kardon headrest speakers

Each front seat headrest is upgraded with two 40 mm full-range speakers, adding to the immersive audio experience. The speakers in the driver's seat headrest enable targeted navigation instructions and calls, allowing the passengers to enjoy music without interruptions. 

Front seats

Massage function

Relax mode. Times four. The massage function included in the Nappa upgrade provides four different settings for each front seat: wave, upper back, lower back, and spot massage. Each mode has three intensity levels.

Centre display showing how to adjust ventilation

Front seats


The front-seat ventilation system uses fans inside each seat base and backrest to push air through the upholstery, enhancing comfort in warm weather.

Close-up from high-tech textile headliner in the Polestar 4

Brushed textile headliner

The soft, high-tech textile headliner is made using 60% recycled PET and brushed to give it a distinctive visual and tactile character. 

Close-up of the rear comfort headrests in the Polestar 4

Rear comfort headrests

The absence of a rear window allows the upgraded rear headrests to be bigger, as they won't obscure the view. As a result, they add even more comfort to an already elevated passenger experience.

Pro pack

Pairing Swedish gold interior and exterior accents with 21-inch Pro wheels, the Pro pack personalizes Polestar 4 with subtle performance touches.


Close-up of te 21-inch Pro alloy wheels of the Polestar 4

21" Pro wheels

Accentuating the sleek, aerodynamic design, the 21-inch Pro alloy wheels perfectly match the Polestar 4 exterior. The wheel surface gets its signature look by combining diamond cutting with a multi-layered clear-coat finish.

Swedish gold striped seatbelt on black seat

Swedish gold-striped seat belt

Polestar 4 introduces a new black seat belt with a Swedish gold stripe.

Pilot pack

Adding more driver assistance features to Polestar 4, the Pilot pack further enhances the level of preventive safety.

+$1,500/Included with Long range Dual motor variant.

Pilot assist

Constantly monitoring the lane markings and distance to the vehicle ahead, Pilot Assist makes automatic speed and steering adjustments to maintain a safe position on the road. It provides driver assistance at speeds up to 80 mph.

Lane change assist

When Pilot assist is active, Polestar 4 can also change lanes automatically. Moving the indicator stalk fully up or down initiates the maneuver, and the car will proceed if the system's camera and radars indicate it's safe.

Single options

Whether it’s an electrochromic glass roof¹ to reduce glare or an electric towbar to enhance practicality, Polestar 4 can be upgraded with various single options to make it even more comfortable, practical, and personal. 

Electrochromic glass roof¹

The panoramic roof can be fitted with electrochromic glass, adding a layer of liquid crystals to reduce glare. The crystals are activated via the center display, turning the glass opaque to reflect light or transparent to let it pass through.


Exterior of the Polestar 4 with colour-matched cladding

Exterior upgrades

Color-matched mouldings

The color-matched trim gives Polestar 4 an even more powerful look. It is available for all exterior colors.

+$1,000 (Requires Plus pack) 

Close-up of the 21-inch Sport wheels on the Polestar 4

Exterior upgrades

21” Sport wheels

Molded by forging, these 21-inch Sport wheels are lighter and stronger than conventional alloy wheels. They pair excellent handling characteristics with an expressive, multifaceted design.


Semi-electric towbar hitch

Easy to fold in or out and lock in place, the semi-electric towbar allows the single-motor version of Polestar 4 to pull up to 2000 lbs and the dual-motor version up to 3500 lbs. It's equipped with Trailer Stability Assist to help stabilize a swaying trailer.²


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  1. Electrochromic glass roof upgrade subject to availability based on production cycles.
  2. Towing capacity is based on dual-motor variant.  Single motor variant towing capacity estimation is to be confirmed.
  • Visuals are for illustrative purposes only. European model shown.

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