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With two long-range versions, and featuring a 100 kWh battery, Polestar 4 is more than capable of going the distance. The dual-motor powertrain includes a front motor disconnect function, enabling the car to prioritize efficiency over performance.

Long range Single motor, up to*  
Long range Dual motor, up to*  
Polestar 4 driver display range factors

Range factors

The real-world range of an EV is influenced by driving style, weather and road conditions, and the condition of the car itself. A calmer driving style, preheating the cabin while charging and looking after the tires are effective ways to get even more miles out of a charge.

More on range factors

Public charging

Polestar 4 allows for a variety of public charging options. En route, plugging into a DC fast charger recharges the battery in the time it takes to grab a bite to eat or a coffee. Hotels, shopping malls, and municipalities tend to provide AC chargers, which will require more time to charge, and are more suitable for when your car is parked for longer periods of time.

Charging time, from 10–80%*  

Save time by charging to 80%

On a long trip, it's actually faster to charge to 80% (with a DC fast charger) than to charge to 100%. This is due to the fact that the final 20% capacity of a lithium-ion battery charges at a much slower rate. 

Polestar 4 charging on a charging pole

Charging network

Charging on the go is becoming easier by the day. There's an ever-growing network of public charging locations in the US, ranging from dedicated charging stations to city-owned parking spaces and supermarkets.

EV charging network

Battery-minded route planning

The integrated version of Google Maps¹ interacts with the car's systems and checks the battery status. It can calculate and suggest a route accordingly, including convenient charging options along the way.

Home charging

The most convenient and inexpensive way to charge an electric car is at home, using an AC wallbox. Polestar 4 works with any available model, charging up to 11 kW. Our local home-charging partners can ensure an uncomplicated selection and installation process.

11 kW AC charger, from 0 to 100%*  
Cars parked in line seen from above.  One white car in the middle and black cars on both sides of it.

Charging without a private parking space

Whether it's utilizing a nearby public charger, charging up at work, or sharing a charging point with fellow residents, there are plenty of alternatives available if installing a home charger isn't an option.

Extending the range

Our engineers went the extra mile to get Polestar 4 to do the same. The heat pump, regenerative braking system, and climate control are built-in solutions that maximize power reuse and extend the range.

Energy-saving heat pump

Waste heat doesn't need to be wasted heat. Using thermal energy from the electric motors, battery, and ambient air, the heat pump can warm up the cabin and help to get more miles out of a charge by reducing demand from climate control.

Close-up in the braking function

Regenerative braking

Recharge while braking. Instead of turning useful energy into useless heat, the regenerative braking system converts it back into energy that can be used to extend the car's range.

Climate control on center display in Polestar 4

Pre-entry climate control

Preheating or precooling while Polestar 4 is charging or plugged-in can save energy by reducing the demand from climate control. It extends the car's range and sets a comfortable cabin temperature before driving off.

Disconnect clutch

The dual motor powertrain can be optimized for range by changing the power delivery setting on the center display. After doing so, a clutch will disengage the front motor to increase efficiency and re-engage it when the driver fully depresses the accelerator.

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