Drawing inspiration from fashion and sportswear, Polestar 4 pairs tactile, made-to-fit performance fabrics with integrated lighting to create an enveloping yet spacious interior.

Interior of the Polestar 4

Electrochromic glass roof¹

The optional electrochromic film adds a layer of liquid crystals to the glass of the panoramic roof to reduce glare. By activating it via the center display, the glass can turn from opaque to transparent, reflecting light or allowing it to pass through.

Available as an upgrade. Panoramic roof fitted as standard. 

Interior themes

There are five different themes for the Polestar 4 interior, each designed around carefully combined materials and colors. Experience a new form of premium from the comfort of every seat. 

Zinc Nappa leather with Charcoal deco.

Charcoal Nappa leather with Charcoal deco.

Mist Tailored Knit with Zinc deco.

Charcoal MicroTech with Charcoal deco.

Charcoal MicroTech with Zinc deco.


Premium with a purpose. Polestar 4 is another step forward in the sourcing and development of environmentally conscious interior materials, proving that high quality can have a lower impact.

Close-up of the headrest in the material Tailored Knit

Tailored Knit

Based on innovations from the footwear industry, this fabric is knitted to fit, using yarn made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The resulting high-quality material minimizes waste without compromising the look and feel.

Available as an upgrade.

Close-up of the headrest in the material Animal welfare-secured leather

Perforated Nappa leather

Produced by renowned automotive leather-makers Bridge of Weir, our perforated Nappa upholstery adheres to strict animal welfare and quality standards. It's chrome-free, traceable and available in Zinc or Charcoal.

Available as an upgrade.

Close-up of the headrest in the material Bio-attributed MicroTech

Bio-attributed MicroTech

Made from renewable vinyl and recycled polyester textile, bio-attributed MicroTech is a 100% vegan upholstery that doesn't compromise on aesthetics, durability or feel.

Star knit illuminated deco ​

The Polestar 4 interior concept replaces wood and metal deco panels with an ultra-fine, technical mesh textile. Covering the door panels, it can be backlit, changing colors together with the solar system-inspired illumination. 

Available as an upgrade.



Solar system-inspired illumination

Forming an orbit around the driver and passengers, the solar system-inspired interior illumination creates a calm and immersive ambiance. Its white and variable-color LEDs change the atmosphere when one of the planetary themes is selected in the center display.


Up to 8-way adjustable sports seats in the front. Electric recliner seats in the rear. Polestar 4 has been designed with a focus on ergonomics, providing optimal comfort and support no matter the length of the journey or the style of driving.

Front seats

Massage function

Relax mode - on. The optional massage function includes wave, upper back, lumbar, and spot massage settings for both front seats. Individual controls and three intensity levels per mode cater to personal preferences.

Available as an upgrade.

Controlling the ventilation on the centre display

Front seats


Using fans with three settings, the front-seat ventilation circulates air through the perforated leather upholstery, providing a welcome breeze on hotter days.

Available as an upgrade.

Controlling the heating on the centre display

Front seats


Both front seats come with electric heating and individual temperature controls to keep things civilized in even the coldest of weather.

Front seats

Driver profiles

Share the car without any seat adjustments. Polestar 4 can automatically store the preferred seating position for up to 6 drivers and prepare the right settings upon detecting an authorized key.

Rear seats

Electric reclining

Rear passengers experience a spacious, cocooned environment with generous head- and legroom. The optional electric recliner seats allow the seat backs to be angled to 34 degrees for an even more relaxing drive.

Available as an upgrade.

Close-up on headrests in light upholstery, yellow belt.

Rear seats

Rear comfort headrests

The absence of a rear window allows the upgraded rear headrests to be bigger, as they won't obscure the view. As a result, they add even more comfort to an already elevated passenger experience.

Available as an upgrade.

Controlling the heat on the rear control screen for the rear seats

Rear seats


Tested and developed in the Arctic Circle, the heated rear seats will provide the ideal interior temperature in the lowest of outside temperatures.

Available as an upgrade.


Always see what needs to be seen. The car's displays automatically adapt to the ambient light for optimal readability. The sophisticated yet intuitive interface ensures information is presented without distraction.

See all display features
15.4-inch landscape center display.


Polestar 4 provides all the storage space needed for everyday life. The total volume behind the rear seats is 18.6 ft³, expandable to 54.2 ft³ by folding the seats down. There's room under the floor for smaller items, and the floor level can be adjusted to suit the cargo.

Storage dimensions
The rear luggage compartment fits anything from regular-sized suitcases to odd-sized sports equipment.
Rear window on Polestar 4

Cabin comfort

Quiet ride

Enjoy the silence. Obsessive engineering, flush glazing, and a long wheelbase make Polestar 4 an exceptionally quiet EV. Perfect for a peaceful drive, or for listening to music and podcasts without outside car and road noise.

Cabin comfort

PM 2.5 air filtration

The optional particulate matter sensor monitors the outside air for dust, pollution, and pollen particles as small as 2.5 micrometers, and can adjust the cabin filter to keep them out.

Available as an upgrade.

Interior climate control

Cabin comfort

3-zone climate control

Comfort on a more personal level. Upgrading the standard 2-zone to a 3-zone climate system allows the rear passengers to set the temperature in their part of the cabin. The touchscreen with the controls is placed between the front seats.

Available as an upgrade.

Animal mode shown on centre display in Polestar 4

Car modes

Animal mode

Animal mode keeps a set temperature, activates the climate system and shows a message on the center display, helping to ensure that bystanders know the pet is safe inside. 

Climate control shown on centre display in Polestar 4

Car modes

Keep climate mode

Set the climate system and have the onboard software maintain a comfortable temperature when the car is parked. Keep climate mode can be used for up to 8 hours. 

Car wash mode shown on centre display in Polestar 4

Car modes

Car wash mode

Polestar 4 can be prepared for cleaning from behind the wheel. Car wash mode raises the windows, folds the mirrors, and turns the wipers off. It also prevents the tailgate and charge lid from accidentally being opened.

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  1. Electrochromic glass roof upgrade subject to availability based on production cycles.
  • Visuals are for illustrative purposes only. European model shown.

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