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Center display

Center display overview

Many of the vehicle's functions can be controlled from the center display. The center display and its possibilities are presented below.

Activating and deactivating the center display

The center display can be temporarily switched off and reactivated using the home button under the screen.

Handling the center display

Many of the vehicle's functions and features can be controlled and adjusted from the center display. The center display is a touchscreen that reacts to taps and other gestures.

Center display’s views

There are five different basic views in the center display: Home view, Top view, Climate view, App view and Function view. The screen is automatically activated when the driver's door is opened.

Handling tiles in the center display

Home view consists of four tiles: Navigation, Media, Phone and a fourth tile. These views can be expanded.

Symbols in the center display status bar

Overview of symbols displayed in the center display status bar.

Function view in the center display

Function view, which is one of the center display's basic views, contains all of the vehicle's function buttons. From the Home view, navigate to Function view by swiping from left to right over the screen.

Moving apps and buttons in the center display

The apps and buttons for vehicle functions can be moved and organized in the App and Function views.

Messages in the center display

The center display shows messages in certain circumstances to inform or assist the driver.

Keyboard in center display

You can use the keyboard in the center display to enter characters or to switch to handwriting mode to "write" letters and characters on the screen.

Entering characters, letters and words by hand in the center display

Characters, letters and words can be entered in the center display by handwriting them on the touchscreen.

Changing keyboard language in center display

In order to toggle between keyboard languages, the languages must first be added under Settings.

Displaying trip statistics in the center display

Trip computer statistics can be displayed graphically in the center display, providing an overview that facilitates more fuel-efficient driving.

Manual in center display

A digital version of the Manual is available in the vehicle's center display.

Navigating in the center display Manual

The digital Manual can be accessed from the center display's Top view. The contents are searchable and the sections are designed to be easy to navigate.

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