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Navigating in the center display Manual

The digital Manual can be accessed from the center display's Top view. The contents are searchable and the sections are designed to be easy to navigate.
PS-1926-Settings pane
The Manual is accessed from Top view.
To open the Manual, pull down Top view in the center display and tap Manual.

There are a number of ways to find information in the Manual. The options can be accessed from the Manual's start page and from its top menu.

Opening the menu in the Top menu

Tap PS-1926-Owners manual-Symbol main in the upper list in the Manual.
A menu will open, displaying different options for finding information:

Start page

Tap the symbol to return to the Manual's start page.


The articles in the Manual are structured into main and sub-categories. The same article may appear in several relevant categories in order to help make them easier to find.

Tap Categories.
The main categories are listed.
Tap a main category (PS-19w26-Owners manual-Symbol category).
A list of sub-categories (PS-19w26-Owner's manual-Symbol category) and articles (PS-19w26-Owners manual-Symbol article) will appear.
Tap an article to open it.

To go back, tap the left arrow.

Featured articles

Tap the symbol to go to a page with links to a selection of useful articles about the vehicle's more commonly used features and functions. The articles can also be accessed via categories, but have been collected here for quicker access. Tap an article to read it in its entirety.

Exterior and interior hotspots

Exterior and interior overviews of the vehicle. Hotspots are provided for certain functions, components, etc. Tap a hotspot to come to a relevant article.

Press Exterior or Interior.
Exterior or interior overview images are shown with so-called hotspots in place. The hotspots lead to articles about the corresponding function, component, etc. Swipe the screen horizontally to scroll between the images.
Tap a hotspot.
The title of a relevant article will be displayed.
Tap the title to open the article.

To go back, tap the left arrow.


Tap the symbol to go to articles saved as favorites. Tap an article to read it in its entirety.

Saving or deleting favorite articles

Save an article as a favorite by tapping the PS-19w26-Owners manual-favourite star not filled at the upper right when the article is open. When an article has been saved as a favorite, the star symbol will be filled in: PS-1926-Owners manual-favourite star filled.

To remove an article from the list of favorites, tap its star again.


Tap the symbol to go to brief instructive videos for various functions in the vehicle.


Tap the symbol for information about the current version of the Manual in your vehicle and other useful information.

Using the search function in the Top menu

Tap PS–19w26–Symbol-Magnifying glass in the Manual's Top menu. A keyboard will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Enter a search word, e.g. "seat belt".
Suggested articles and categories will be displayed as characters are entered.
Tap the article or category to read it.