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How a Polestar 2 adds value for your small business

How a Polestar 2 adds value for your small business

How a Polestar 2 adds value for your small business

Rich in features and incentives

From the extensive list of standard options to the instant acceleration and premium interior, the fully electric Polestar 2 offers an engaging driving experience. The government grants, tax benefits and low running costs only add to the fun.

Configure the Polestar 2

For workdays and weekends

The Polestar 2 is a spacious 5-door fastback that provides plenty of comfort for business travel and more than enough room for hobby ideas, sports goals or musical ambitions. It offers an engaging drive during the working week and an energetic start to the new one, no matter how you prefer to recharge yourself.

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Charging at work or at home

Since the vast majority of car journeys are relatively short, the most convenient and inexpensive way to charge is at home or work. In both cases, installing an AC Wallbox will make sure that the battery is recharged quickly and easily.

Charging on the road

The rapidly maturing public charging infrastructure means that long trips in an electric car are perfectly doable. The Polestar 2 is more than ready for a road trip.

A full charge for just a couple of pounds

Charging an electric car is significantly cheaper than refueling a gasoline car. In the US, you can get a full charge for as little as $7.98 (based on $0.13/kWh) if you're using a power supply at home or at work.

The end of range anxiety

One of the biggest differences between conventional and electric driving is the way you think about fuel. Instead of driving to a gas station to refill an empty fuel tank, electric cars redefine parking time as charging time. So every time you park, you plug it in and charge it up. This simple behavioral change will cover your energy needs for most daily drives. And for longer journeys, there's an extensive and ever-growing infrastructure of public charging stations.

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Hands-free working with Google

Keep your hands on the steering wheel and use your voice to plan a meeting or write a reminder. The Polestar 2 is the first car to use Google's Android Automotive operating system, offering the natural voice recognition of Google Assistant and seamless integration with Workspace, Google's cloud-based suite of business apps.

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Hassle-free service

Scheduling service for the Polestar 2 is easy, and available 24/7 through the Polestar app or by contacting Polestar support.

Roadside assistance

A flat tire or battery needn't be a problem. Just press the dedicated button in the ceiling of the car to get in touch with the Polestar Roadside Assistance team.

Predictive maintenance

The on-board software allows remote diagnosis of any potential technical issues. You will be notified if service or maintenance is necessary.

Minimal downtime

The electric drivetrain of the Polestar 2 has far fewer moving parts than in a conventional car. This makes the service intervals further apart and the operating costs considerably lower. To further improve continuity, our service points offer a convenient pick-up and delivery option, as well as a replacement car.

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Get behind the wheel

The proof of the words is in the driving. Experience pure, progressive performance first-hand.

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More reasons to consider a Polestar

Driver engagement, redefined

Vigorous acceleration. Responsive handling. Instant torque and balanced power delivery. In more ways than one, the Polestar 2 provides performance at a whole new level.

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Download the Polestar 2 specifications

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