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Charging your electric car

Charging an electric car takes less effort than refuelling a conventional vehicle. Instead of periodically heading to the petrol station to fill up an almost empty tank, you simply top up the battery whenever the car is parked. On average a vehicle spends more than 90% of its time standing still, so there should be plenty of opportunity to do so.

Let’s look at the numbers and common questions about charging

Find out the answers to common questions about charging your Polestar electric car. Like how often you need to charge it, how far you can get on a single charge, how long it takes to charge, and how much charging costs.

Polestar 2 charging cables

Both AC and DC charging work with the Polestar 2. It comes with two cables that are suitable for the most commonly-used charging options. To charge using an ordinary domestic socket with the appropriate fusing, use the 7-metre Mode 2 cable*. For a faster charge from a wall box or charging station, use the 4.5-metre Mode 3 cable**.

For faster charging at a home, garage or workshop without a wall box, you can buy extra cables to connect to a medium-power “camping” outlet (blue, 3.5kW, single-phase), or a high-power “industrial” outlet (red, 11kW, triple-phase). These cables are available from the Polestar extras web shop if you have ordered a Polestar car. You’ll also need the correct connectors for the outlet.

* 7m cable specifications: 1P 230V, 10A 2.3kW.
** 4.5m cable specifications: 3P 400V, 16A 11kW.

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