The impact of a party: Polestar and Rosendal Garden Party

Life Cycle Assessment. LCA for short. A study used to determine the environmental impact of a product. Polestar performed an LCA on Polestar 2 in order to understand and share our impact as well as encourage other car companies to follow suit. And now we’re looking beyond our industry, encouraging others to apply our methodology to help them create more sustainable solutions. Like Rosendal Garden Party.

Polestar understands our visions and our goals, and they have motivated us to push things further than we’ve thought about doing before.
Linnéa Svensson

Last week, the Swedish music festival Rosendal Garden Party took place on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm’s archipelago. Thousands of visitors came to kick off the Swedish summer and watch world-famous artists like The Strokes, Tyler, the Creator and Florence + The Machine (amongst others) on the big stage.And in-person attendance wasn’t mandatory. People outside of the festival could experience it via the centre display of Polestar 2, as it hosted the world’s first livestreamed, in-car music festival as part of this collaboration. Anyone with a Polestar 2 could see performances by GAYLE, The National, Linn Koch-Emmery, and Daniela Rathana through the Vivaldi browser. A unique opportunity that enabled people from all over the world to experience a part of Rosendal Garden Party, without actually being there.

But this collaboration goes much deeper than hosting a livestreamed music festival.

Rosendal Garden Party strives to become the most sustainable music event possible. To that end, they’ve partnered up with Polestar to make use of the methodology we’ve implemented in our LCA reports. As part of our collaboration, we will use our knowledge to assist Rosendal Garden Party in the process of measuring this festival’s climate impact. And to see what can be done to reduce the climate footprint for future events.

For this year's event, Rosendal Garden Party had two Northvolt battery packs as part of their power infrastructure, which Rosendal Garden Party Sustainability and Event Project Manager Linnéa Svensson was thrilled about.

’’I see a lot of opportunities in using battery packs at events like this. They are efficient, sustainable, and easy to move, which is great for many reasons when arranging a festival. By incorporating more battery packs in the future, we could decrease the size and amount of generators used for coming events, and that would be incredible,’’ she states.


White Polestar 2s on a white stage.

By setting ambitious goals for themselves and trying hard to reach them, Rosendal Garden Party wants to raise awareness of climate change and sustainability among the audience, artists, sponsors, partners, and suppliers. That’s why they’ve mapped and gathered all the numbers from transport, energy, food, drinks, and relevant equipment connected to the festival, to be able to measure their climate footprint.

Throughout this process, Polestar will assist Rosendal Garden Party to make sense of the numbers (once calculated) and translate it into something understandable that they can share with the world, just as we’ve done with our own LCA reports.

‘’A number doesn’t really tell you anything if you don’t understand it. So, we’re looking forward to continuing the dialogue with Polestar to help us read our digits and also to realise what can be done to reduce our climate footprint,’’ says Svensson.

‘’Having partners on board who want to move in the same direction as us is extremely valuable. Polestar understands our visions and our goals, and they have motivated us to push things further than we’ve thought about doing before. It’s nice to feel like someone’s got your back in all of this,” she continues.

When it comes to driving real change, collaboration and transparency are key. We created the LCA report of Polestar 2 to encourage, inspire, and (essentially) insist that others do the same. Whether within automotive or outdoor events.


Polestar Concecpt BST at Goodwood stand

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