Research Project: Sharging

Creating a more sustainable future is a journey, one that doesn’t end now that we have put electric performance cars on the road. It is bigger and involves more than just us. In fact, the more the merrier.

Sharging is a project looking at solutions for lack of charging infrastructure.

One of the obstacles on this journey is range anxiety. There is hesitation when it comes to going electric for many people due to the perceived lack of charging infrastructure. The solution might be in this research project.

Sharging is a project done in collaboration with Halmstad University and RISE, and funded by Vinnova, a Swedish innovation centre. Together, we are looking to create a solution that would let people focus on the benefits of going electric without having to worry about where and how often they need to charge their cars. The project aims to create flexible options for charging and cover for the lack of public charging in some areas. To do that, charging capabilities already available at some homes, shops, and offices are being looked at as possible rental solutions.

“We're exploring a kind of Airbnb solution for charging. Basically, if there is a lack of infrastructure that is publicly available, why not make use of the ones that are already in place such as houses or offices and so on? This has been done before, and that’s why this project is focusing on what the viable business models could be for this type of service” says Anya Ernest, Business Strategist at Polestar.

The project is looking into the northern part of Sweden which is one of the reasons why two Polestar employees, including Ernest, drove up there in a Polestar 2 this summer. They found that the infrastructure sufficient in the areas where they drove, proving that range anxiety is only perceived rather than real. However, as it gets colder up north and as you travel further into the country, that could possibly be a real problem.

Making use of the existing infrastructure and developing relevant and modern business models is one of the ways we’re ensuring an easier shift to electric mobility. The more people on our journey, and the more public charging options, the better.


Polestar 2 in a square in Berlin

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