Remote actions: Polestar and Google

Time spent in the car doesn’t have to be time spent away from other things.

Time outside of the house, for instance, has already been redefined through the invention of smart devices. Phones went from stationary communication devices to pocket-bound, camera-equipped computers. Tablets, once only to be found on the engineering deck of the USS Enterprise, became commonplace.

And the widespread adoption of these smart devices created something never before seen: a personal digital ecosystem. Phones, tablets, TVs, and anything else that now required a login became touchpoints in one’s digital landscape. It enables a continuous connection to the events of one’s life, a flow that one joins every time they use a smart device.

Like a Polestar.

Polestar 2’s native operating system makes the all-electric fastback as much a part of the owner’s digital ecosystem as their phone. And now, Polestar cars with Google built-in include remote actions that allow drivers to check the status of their Polestar’s battery charge and perform certain functions like starting the climate control using a compatible Google Assistant-enabled device. Do the same for the house via the Polestar.

And have the Polestar become part of the digital ecosystem, so that time spent in the car isn’t necessarily time spent away from anything else.  

Google is a trademark of Google LLC. Only available with Google built-in vehicles. Remote actions may vary per model. Google Assistant is not available in all languages or countries. Compatible smart devices required. Not available in all languages or countries. See for details.


An overhead view of a building made of snow, with four Polestar cars nearby.

When in Rovaniemi

Do as the locals do. Words of wisdom that any seasoned traveller is familiar with. They don’t just govern behavior, however. They speak to the importance of having an open mind, embracing new customs, and adapting to one’s surroundings. There are equivalents in all languages. In English, one is told that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. It counts for the Italian capital, just as it counts for northern Finland. Which is exactly where we headed this winter.

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