Jack Harding takes the Polestar 1 on tour

Professional landscape photographer Jack Harding recently embarked on a road trip on some of the best roads Scotland has to offer, behind the wheel of the Polestar 1, an exclusive limited run electric performance hybrid. Using the Polestar 1’s electric-only Pure mode in the city, and the plug-in hybrid Grand Tourer’s Power mode on winding roads, he experienced all the different facets of our electric performance hybrid, snapping photos along the way.

an exciting new automotive brand which I believe is designing the future
Jack Harding

At Polestar we’re guided by our brand philosophy of pure, progressive performance. These pillars are closely aligned with Jack’s own beliefs and forward-thinking approach, and so our collaboration began.

Polestar first collaborated with Jack Harding at Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2019, where he experienced his first ride in a Polestar 1 with Development Engineer Joakim Rydholm at the wheel. Showcasing the car’s performance during the Hillclimb, Jack’s time with Joakim convinced him that Polestar is "one of the most exciting car brands on the planet" and "its attention to detail, minimalist design and cutting-edge technology have caught my eye."

Having lived in Sweden, Jack has been a keen follower of the Polestar brand right from the beginning, and states that Polestar is “an exciting new automotive brand which I believe is designing the future”. With the Polestar 1 now hitting UK roads, this was the perfect time to reconnect with Jack, helping him to realise his ambitions of a unique driver experience as he created his own memorable journey across a selection of beautiful, unspoiled landscapes in Scotland in a Polestar 1.


Jack Harding takes the Polestar 1 on tour
It can really surprise you… It has two personalities from complete comfort in the city to the incredible performance from its 1,000Nm... all wrapped up in luxury
Jack Harding

Jack chose a mixture of locations and roads to explore the Polestar’s Pure and Power modes. From the old cobbled streets of Edinburgh with the all-electric Pure mode, to the renowned Glencoe area and Isle of Skye where Power mode allowed him to experience, in Jack’s own words, the Polestar 1’s “phenomenal performance and instant power”.

“It can really surprise you,” says Jack of the Polestar 1’s versatility. “It has two personalities: from complete comfort in the city, to the incredible performance from its 1,000 Nm of torque when you’re on a flowing open road. All wrapped up in complete and total luxury”.

When we asked Jack to summarise his entire experience in one word, he chose “sexy”. He mentioned that it’s really exciting to be working on something that is new that he personally believes will be huge in the future and is made without compromise.

*Please note that Jack's trip took place before the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown in the UK.


Man putting on Polestar racing helmet

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