All aboard: the Polestar Referral programme

Enthusiasm is contagious. Upon discovering a new hobby, restaurant, or band that you cannot get enough of, the urge to spread the word to friends and family is never far behind. After all, sharing is caring. The path towards greater electric mobility is indeed a journey of shared excitement. And we know that getting behind the wheel of an EV can have the same impact. Which is why we’re launching the Polestar referral programme.

Image of a black Polestar 2 in front of a grey building.

Now, Polestar drivers will be able to share the thrill of electric driving with family, friends, and fans, and in turn, get rewarded for it.The Polestar referral programme allows driver to spread the word of electric driving through person-to-person referrals. By generating and sharing a personal referral code, drivers can invite others to join the Polestar journey.*Not only is it a step towards greater adoption of sustainable, electric mobility, but both referrers and the new Polestar driver will receive a gift as a token of appreciation: a unique Polestar Power Houdi, charging credits, or an original Polestar design sketch, depending on the amount of completed referrals.The digital referral codes are personal and unique for each referral. The same link can’t be used twice. But as soon as the code has been shared with someone, a new code can be generated and shared with another. And once a new Polestar driver is aboard, they can also generate codes to refer friends, colleagues, or even the neighbour with that gas guzzling pick-up truck. And in this way, reap rewards.Being enthusiastic about something is a powerful thing. Because it tends to get people equally excited. And spreading the word of electric driving might be one of the most powerful things when it comes to transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable future.*Pre-owned Polestars are not part of the referral programme.


Close-up of battery parts.

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