2 on tour: South Korea edition

The thrill of driving an EV is best experienced first-hand. Learning about it from others just isn’t the same. And while rumor has it that driving a Polestar 2 is an experience to be had, consumers all over South Korea can now try it for themselves, as the updated Polestar 2 tours from city to city.

In April, we announced Polestar 2 sustainability upgrades. A range of concrete improvements that were implemented to boost the car’s sustainability credentials. Such as adding an ethically sourced and 100 % traceable leather option, adding mica to the list of traced battery minerals, and reducing CO2e for aluminium used in the battery casing. Since April, Polestar Korea has been touring the country with the Polestar 2. On its route, the tour touched down in eight of the country’s major cities: Seoul, Gyeonggi, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Jeju City, Suwon, and Incheon.The “2 on tour” concept is designed to allow consumers without easy access to a Polestar space to experience the Polestar 2, by bringing the car to cities around the country. This tour is the first time that Korean consumers get to interact with the updated Polestar 2 featuring new exterior colours, interior options, and wheel designs. By booking a slot online, consumers will get the opportunity to test drive either the Long range Single motor or the Long range Dual motor, accompanied by a Polestar specialist ready to answer any and all queries about the electric fastback.The car has been met with great enthusiasm throughout its touring route, with 40,000 on-site consultations and more than 650 test drives completed. “I was happy to be able to see and experience the updated Polestar 2 in person and that I could do so within my life radius,” said one visitor.To fully experience the thrill of EVs is to experience it first-hand. The great thing about the “2 on tour” is that you don’t have to go out searching for a way to engage with the Polestar 2. It comes to a city near you, ready to be explored.


Close-up of battery parts.

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