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Polestar Connect availability

To save the battery, the Polestar Connect system is programmed to shut down when the car is not used for long periods.

Polestar Connect is fully available for 5 full days and is then disengaged in order to save the battery. The system will be fully available again as soon as the car has been started.


The system's services only work in areas where Polestar Connect's partners have mobile coverage and where the technology permits.

Just as with mobile phones, atmospheric disturbances or sparse transmitter coverage may lead to connection being impossible, e.g. in sparsely populated areas.


This Polestar is equipped with the Polestar Connect service. This means that you do not need an extra subscription to make it work. The intention is that the service should be active for as long as the car is used and the technology and mobile phone network allow. Polestar reserves the right to reduce functionality when it is no longer practically possible to maintain full functionality. If the car remains unused for more than one year it is considered as no longer in use.