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Space under bonnet

Topping up the washer fluid

Washer fluid is used for cleaning the windscreen. Washer fluid with antifreeze must be used when the temperature is under the freezing point.

Brake fluid – specifications

The medium in a hydraulic brake system is called brake fluid, and it is used to transfer pressure from e.g. a brake pedal via a master brake cylinder to one or more slave cylinders, which in turn act on a mechanical brake.

Opening and closing the bonnet

The bonnet can be opened using the handle in the passenger compartment and a handle under the front edge of the bonnet. It is important to follow the instructions for closing and to check that the bonnet is fully closed if it has been open.


The car has an advanced coolant system which regulates the temperature of the electric drive and in the passenger compartment. The system is available regardless of whether the car is parked, being charged or driven.