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Environmental efficiency

Polestar has undertaken to improve the environment by offering a product range that is clean and efficient and affects the environment as little as possible.

Improved environment, both inside and out

Polestar's environmental commitment also extends to the interior of the car, which is cleaned by the climate control system. An air filter in the air intake that stops pollen and dust, together with the air purification system in the car, is known as the Interior Air Quality System (IAQS) within Polestar. It also cleans the air in the interior of the car from hydrocarbons, ground-level ozone and nitrous oxides. The materials included in the fittings have been selected for their sustainability and have been tested to ensure that they do not give off strong odours or other pollution.

Cooperation for a cleaner future

All Polestar cars meet strict international environmental requirements, such as the production plants (which hold accreditation to ISO 14001) and all Polestar partners and staff. This ensures compliance with environmental laws and regulations while also guaranteeing ongoing improvements.