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Locking and unlocking


The car has two types of physical keys – the standard key and the key tag.

Locking and unlocking with the key

The buttons on the key can be used to lock and unlock all doors and the tailgate simultaneously.

Unlocking the tailgate with a key

It is possible to unlock just the tailgate using a button on the key.

Locking and unlocking with the detachable key blade

The removable key blade can be used to unlock the car from the outside – if there is no power to your car or the key battery is discharged, for example.

Automatic locking when driving

When the car starts to drive, the doors and tailgate are locked automatically for safety reasons.

Double lock

Double lock means that all opening handles are released mechanically when locking from the outside, which makes it impossible to open the doors from the inside.

Locking and unlocking from inside the car

The doors and tailgate can be locked and unlocked from inside using the central locking controls in the driver's door.

Unlocking the tailgate from inside the car

The tailgate can be unlocked from inside the car using a button beside the steering wheel on the instrument panel.

Locking and unlocking

The car can be locked and unlocked in several different ways.

Activating and deactivating the child lock

The child lock prevents the rear doors being opened from inside.

Lock confirmation

The car indicates with hazard warning flashers when the car is locked or unlocked.

Locking and unlocking settings

Settings for locking and unlocking can be adjusted as required in the centre display.

Digital Key

With the Digital Key function installed, a phone can be used as a key.

Enabling Digital Key

To use the phone as a key, the Digital Key function must first be activated in the Polestar app.

Using Digital Key

With Digital Key, the car can be locked and unlocked keylessly or using the Polestar app. The car can also be started and used as normal when it recognises a phone with Digital Key.

Troubleshooting problems with the Digital Key

There are several things you can try if you have problems activating or using the Digital Key.

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